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Lynette worked through non-forked scenarios, and added to the Working Documents.

* Action Item: Chris Colvard (Deactivated) , write up a summary of the process with circle-ci-orb and add to Working Documents, and ping the Slack #branch-renaming-wg
* Action Item: Kate Lynch will work through Lynette’s document using Esme’s script
* Action Item: As part of the weekly agenda, Kate Lynch will add a standing agenda item of “When do we meet next”
* Action Item: Test the following with branch renaming:
  - - need to account for Jekyll builds as there could be breakage (Jeremy Friesen )
  - samvera-nesting-indexer - isolated to Hyrax, Hyrax references by gem version (Jeremy Friesen )
  - digital_collections_elixir_example - we have forks but these are non-production (Kate Lynch )
  - valkyrie_pg_demo - referenced in documentation/wiki (Lynette Rayle )