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Time: 3:00-4:00pm Eastern

Call-in Info

Moderator(s): Nora Zimmerman and Anna Goslen

Notetaker: Nora Zimmerman

Community Notes:


  • Anna Goslen (UNC Chapel Hill)
  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)
  • Annamarie Klose (Ohio State University)
  • Rebecca Pattillo (University of Louisville)
  • Nora Egloff (Lafayette)
  • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon)
  • Gretchen Gueguen (PALCI)
  • Ryan Wick (Oregon State University)
  • Emily Stenberg (Washington University in STL)


  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection Working Group
      • Ryan: no updates from this WG
    • Geo Predicates Working Group
      • no one from this group on the call; is this WG on hiatus?
    • Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Working Group
      • Julie: Decision Tree document is in good shape for review by SMIG members. Spreadsheet is also in a shareable place. The WG is on track for completing work by Samvera Connect as scheduled.
    • Hyrax Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group
      • Met Aug 13. Looking at testing and development of Hyrax 3 to see if any changes to MAP needed. A few changes related to title & alternative title. Looked at pages in the knowledge base, considering where things can go, ex. Linking to output from M3. Next meeting Sept 16.
  • Roadmap Council Update (Jen Young)
    • We will be interviewing the three candidates for Samvera Community Manager over the next week.
    • Also changing name to Roadmaps Alignment Group - more info coming soon.
  • Issues/Questions
    • Nurax QA testing has a spreadsheet for sign-up, which is being organized by Maria Whitaker. They are looking for volunteers to test end-user search and discovery (among other things) in different browsers for the Hyrax 3 release candidates.
    • Anna: has anyone gotten a WikiData or local WikiBase-like directory to work e.g. for an advisor field?
      • Ryan & Julie: Running a local Wikibase *is* theoretically an option, there have been some articles about this although not necessarily from Samvera-land. If there is any sort of linked data SPARQL endpoint then QA should be able to call it up.
  • Topics
    • Review of Controlled Vocabulary (CV) Decision Tree draft
      • Written up in a way with the intention of walking people through decision points in their content management systems that could flag the need for a controlled vocabulary.  Also how to look for and evaluate controlled vocabularies.
      • The WG is still building up the ‘Further Reading’ list and would appreciate recommendations from metadata practitioners in the community
    • Review of spreadsheet of CV options
      • Intended as resource to help folks locate controlled vocabularies and gather options that are useful for certain subjects or communities, especially for marginalized groups
      • Columns indicate different criteria for evaluation of the CV
    • Are there other venues that might be good places to share/publish (Code4Lib community, DLF?)
    • Julie will send out an email to the metadata list to solicit additional feedback once the feedback from today’s discussion is integrated
  • Next Call : September 22, 2020 3-4pm Eastern