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Time: 3:00-4:00pm Eastern


Moderator(s)Nora Zimmerman, Anna Goslen 

Notetaker: Anna Goslen

Community Notes:



  • Nora Egloff (Lafayette)
  • Annamarie Klose
  • Jennifer Young (Northwestern University)
  • John Huck (Geo Predicates WG)
  • Julie Hardesty (Indiana University)
  • Sarah Seymore (University of Oregon; Oregon Digital)
  • Emily Stenberg
  • Gretchen Gueguen (PALCI)
  • Cara Key
  • Anna Goslen (UNC-CH)
  • Ryan Wick


  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection Working Group
      *No news or updates to share
      *Julie H. has reached out to Julie A. regarding fileset metadata URI use cases from Oregon Digital.  There are 5 URIs that may be the first used to populate the new Samvera vocabulary manager, along with a few others from the broader community.  Julie H. to follow up in a few weeks.  

    • Geo Predicates Working Group
      *Previously shared timeline has been put on hold as a result of current events
      *Regular meeting time needs to be rescheduled
      *WG has determined that it will not be submitting any predicates to the URI Selection WG
    • Controlled Vocabularies Decision Tree Working Group
      *Have had one regular meeting so far, and are looking into use cases and how to best frame documentation aimed at consideration of when to use controlled vocabularies. 
      *Creating a spreadsheet of data points for users to consider when evaluating controlled vocabularies and namespaces that are available to use 
      *Creating an outline of the decision tree document 

    • Hyrax Metadata Application Profile Documentation Review Working Group
      *Had Kickoff meeting on 3/5, will meet again tomorrow for first regular meeting; went of WG goals and deliverables

      *Started doing review of different community metadata documentation sources into order to make a hit list for updates 
      *importance of limiting the scope of this WG because of the enormity of documentation within the community

  • Roadmap Council Update (Jen Young)
    *council has been reviewing the results of the community roadmap survey that was sent out to stakeholders and partners at the start of the year
           received 7 responses total, or 1/3 of partners
    *all meetings will be virtual going forward
    *may be close to having a new Product Owner for Hyrax; several folks have come forward to self-nominate and the process is moving forward. 

  • Issues/Questions
    • Should the M3 Group be moved from "Active" to "Archived" in the Interest Group and Working Group Hub?
           →Richard is the contact person about root wiki pages. Nora will reach out to him and cc Arwen & Chrissy from M3. 
           →Annamarie will help maintain spec as part of the Hyrax MAP Documentation Review WG
    • Pandemic and remote work discussion
           Maintainers blog post

Next Call :  April 28, 2020, 3-4pm Eastern