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  • Previous Action Items:
    • ACTION: Roadmap council members to review survey e-mail draft by end-of-week
      ACTION: published next week - link on Roadmap Council page, e-mail to community, tech, and partner list - call to action is to review and be prepared to discuss at Partners Meeting & Connect, immediate questions and comments via e-mail and slack (comments directly on the google doc are discouraged)
    • ACTION: follow-up with individuals who specifically committed resources and identify next steps - ? what to do about folks interested in helping but without an active development initiative to plug into - review results for any potential champions/WG leads - Nabeela
      • Nabeela Jaffer: Drafted a spreadsheet with the info on who solicited interest and what quarter. Uploaded the spreadsheet on Roadmap Council slack channel.
      • Next steps: Mark will Bussey  will be reaching out to the individuals listed in the spreadsheet 
    • ACTION: Report back to Partners Rob Kaufman Julie Allinson - Hyrax PO, Survey Results, Overall Roadmap, Next Steps
    • ACTION: Anchor Connect panel (recycle as much of Partner presentation as possible) Mark Bussey Jon Cameron + others as available
    • ACTION: Reach out to Tom Johnson / Wings WG about current trajectory for Wings - Rob Kaufman
    • ACTION: Julie Allinson Rob Kaufman to attend next SIGHAR and promote and refine idea

  • New Business:
    • Current to-dos, and start thinking about Partners and Samvera Connect
    • Facilitator & Notetaker for next meeting


Previous action items

  • Survey email was reviewed
  • Who will be sending out the email? (Rob) Are we prepared to discuss at partners and connect?
  • Mark will be reaching out soon
  • Partners meeting will be Monday before connect—our action items are geared toward getting ready for and presenting at St. Louis
  • Tom Johnson sent out the Wings/Hyrax 3.0 summary document, widely shared in the community
  • Julie and Rob attended SIGHAR
    • Julie intends to go through the comments that came from that meeting
    • People of SIGHAR seemed happy with the idea; need to get a new job description written up
    • Julie will mention this during the steering meeting next week
    • Goal is to get this done before Connect
    • Get it in front of steering, send out the following week
    • If we can get a PO to do the core PO stuff and spread other things around—general agreement for that

Action Items:

  • Rob KaufmanSend out survey e-mail (draft is good to go)
  • Mark Bussey will be reaching out to people over the next two weeks

Next meeting:  

Facilitator: TBD