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  1. Changes to the agenda?

  2. Local Host Updates
    1. Plenary Speaker - Heidi Kolk - see #3
    2. Registration 
      Eight as at 2nd August
    3. Lodging
    4. T-shirt - waiting for design and then will price out more.
      Expecting draft design imminently which can then be priced up by local vendor.
    5. Sponsorship
      EBSCO and DCE invoiced.  News yesterday that Ubiquity Press will sponsor.  Several more look hopeful.
    6. Other items? 
      EBSCO have been asked to make a decision about tote bag or folder by the end of August. 

  3. Plenary Speaker update/discussion
    1. Go ahead or defer to 2020?  Seek views on having a 'proper' plenary address then?
      Long discussion.  Heidi Kolk will be asked to give a plenary, 30 minutes plus 5 minutes questions.  Invite her to discuss the content with the Program Committee.  It will be good to learn something about St Louis and there would seem to be a metaphor between her work on the history of a house and the histories we try to build with repositories.  Need to draw clear connections to make the talk relevant.  She has a teaching commitment at 11:30 so her talk must come early in the plenary.

  4. Update on status of CFP Presentations and Panels submissions
    1. Next reminder for CFP tomorrow
    2. Closing date extended to 18 August
      18 17 as at 8/7 (23 21 at 8/8)
  5. Poster Session
    1. Are last year's instructions (suitably updated) reusable?
      ALL - please check
    2. CfP 22 August - 16 October?

  6. Lightning talks
    1. CfP 5 September?

  7. Workshop sign-up
    1. Please check sign-up form here
      ALL - please check

  8. Open discussion
    CfP for presentations and panels closes on 8/18 and we have a call on 8/21.  In between, please will ALL look through the proposals on ZenHub to (a) identify any that should be rejected and (b) look for logical track groupings.

  9. Next Steps

  10. Future Meetings: 
    1. August, 21
    2. August, 28
    3. September, 4 (absent: Brian) 
    4. September, 11
    5. September, 18 (absent Richard)
    6. October, 2  (absent Richard)
    7. October, 16