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Time: 3:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

Call-In Info: +1 (605) 313-5169, access code 651025 

Moderator:  ruth.k.tillman and Juliet Hardesty

Notetaker: Nora Egloff

Community Notes:


  • Attendees
    • Julie Hardesty, Indiana University
    • John Huck, University of Alberta
    • Nora Egloff, Lafayette College
    • Cara Key, Oregon State University
    • Ruth Tillman, Penn State
    • Arwen Hutt, UC San Diego
    • Emily Stenberg, Washington University in St. Louis
    • Ryan Wick, Oregon State University
    • Ryan Johnson, UC San Diego
  • Subgroup Reports
    • URI Selection WG
      • No new updates since the presentation to Steering Committee meeting
      • Primary topic at that meeting was the proposal to create a Hyrax vocabulary manager working group - Steering is contemplating that now.
      • The ControlledVocabManager WG just wrapped up a short sprint on the controlled vocabulary manager software, focus was on bug fixes. Source of the code is Oregon Digital.
        • Github repo will have Docker support soon
    • Geo Predicates WG - John Huck
      • Meeting biweekly to keep a steady pace of work
      • Focus is currently on the environmental scan, to gather predicates for describing geospatial materials
      • Collecting examples of resources types, to be included in domain model
      • Geospatial interest group may soon be revived; looking at incorporating folks from the GeoBlacklight community (see Doodle poll -- and email James Griffin to get in the loop)
    • Machine-readable Metadata Modeling Specification (M3) WG
      • Some slow down but getting close to deliverables (YAML file, JSON schema for meta-metadata properties, and identification of appropriate serializations for schema)
      • Question of ongoing governance and where a maintenance plan fits into the charge of a Working Group; will continue to benefit from updates as experiments continue
      • Future/new iterations of this WG may take a form similar to the URI Selection WG, handling queries and maintenance projects as they arise
        • M3 WG will meet tomorrow and consider models for future WG
  • Issues/Questions
  • Roadmap Council update - Jen Young
    • Following up with respondents to our survey
    • Discussed finding new Hyrax PO - proposing a two year commitment (renewable)
    • Hyku release imminent - upgrading to Hyrax 2.5.1
    • Solrizer deprecation - August
      • Much of the Solrizer functionality has since been incorporated into ActiveFedora
    • Full notes
  • Topics
    • Hyrax 3 release timeline
      • in draft form since May, SIGAHR reports sprint happening now to fix bugs; expect a release sometime this fall
      • Hyrax MAP review needed when that happens
    • Call for proposals (presentations and panels) for Samvera Connect 2019 - deadline August 4
      • Lightning talks and posters will be separate CFP
      • Working session for Hyrax controlled vocabularies
        • Sessionizer tends to be used to plan breakouts for unconference time (last day); this will probably be a proposed session for that