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Jon Dunn (Indiana University)

Hannah Frost (Stanford University)

Richard Green (University of Hull - co-facilitator) (apologies)


4.  See notes in " "  - need to build positions into that as well.  Getting a lot of support as they get it together

What kinds of entities are likely to want to sponsor?

Vendors that might be interested?

Solicit from community - people using product, anyway

Ex: Rancher, Docker, they know Jess and UCSD, can come in

Google Cloud - make sure you’re careful as competitors show up

Didn’t have all those vendors at first, told other vendors about it

Ex: Jess - told Rancher to get involved

Cloud Providers

Google Cloud



OR- commerical repo providers, complimentary providers




Philanthropic orgs? -

Green Open access supporters, etc…  Foundations, etc… specific, measurable outcomes from many

Conceivably build support for infrastructure

Money to an institution,

DuraSpace or the conference host

Outside general philosophy - don’t become dependent on grants -

Look at fundraising

5.  2.5% initiative - David Lewis from IUPUI - libraries should give 2.5% to community-based projects supporting infrastructure to open source - what percentage of instutions budget is the library archive

Fedora, DuraSpace, Samvera - bundling that gift?  Should Samvera community bundle that?  

5-10K fatigue - number of such things goes up every year, desire for management - looking at things like IIIF and PKP, all asking for similar kinds of money

what you get for the contribution - 5 Connect registrations?  A totebag?

Have to have one of the institutions donate a position -