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  • Introductions
  • Review of Roadmap Council Charter
  • Identifying a standing meeting time, communication channels, etc.
  • Agenda for next meeting


  • Need to sort out messaging to the community
    • Avoid the perception that this is a gated community
    • Project that this group is looking for input and discussion
    • Member of Roadmap Council should actively seek out/listen for issues from the community that should be brought to the Council
    • Overall goal here is "air traffic control" rather than "planning/gatekeeping"
    • Scrum of Scrums (scrums all the way down)
    • Want to note that the composition of the council is not fixed (but we don't want it much bigger) and that we are wanting to actively see and respond to the work out there in the community
  • Something something unicorn and a rainbow
    • also kitten
  • What kinds of issue have we already seen that could have come to this group
    • Metadata IG - have submitted issues to hyrax but it's not clear how these issues fit into Hyrax RM and how to get them prioritized
    • Core Components - standards and practices and predictability
      • have been working on clarity re: verisioning, releases, and definition of APIs for core libraries
      • have been concerns that these core components haven't received enough attention
      • also realized that there is a conversation across the community that it has been difficult to see where we've clearly communicated issues around component versioning, releases, and the implications thereof
      • need to establish community expectations about components
    • Hyku - keeping an eye on components and dependencies is crucial, and offering suggestions down the stack for what is going to make Hyku successful
    • Hyrax - hooray for this group
    • Avalon - can be challenging to keep everything coordinated across WGs, IGs, etc. - this will provide a good place to check in regularly and share out
    • Need to ensure that we're also seeing/hearing the discussions, activities, and needs of all of the WG/IG community
      • the hope in the composition of this group is that we can keep an eye on this
      • repo managers and metadata were specifically called out because they're active and have some level of connection to the other WG/IGs
      • may want to consider UXIG as a point of expansion
  • Initial conversation was that there would/could be a roadmap, but is that still on the table?
    • Maybe this is one of the things that we should be looking at, though recognizing that this could be very challenging
    • Providing a single place under this organization for information about roadmaps is maybe a good starting point
    • Community is looking for consistency - ie, what are the aspects one is looking for in the roadmap
    • unicorns and apples?
    • There has been some pressure from outside of the community (at funder/UL level) about whether the community is being thoughtful about futures, again, messaging
  • Next steps

Action Items

    • Rosalyn Metz and Mark Bussey will speak about the RMC at the Partners Meeting
    • Carolyn Caizzi and Rosalyn Metz will give an update on the Gov WG during the plenary and will briefly update on the RMC
    • RMC will try to meet the week after DLF to discuss SamConn happenings with Mark Bussey sending out a Dreaded Doodle soon-ish