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  • #repo-managers Updates 
    • Hyrax vs. Nurax, collections-extensions Status 
      • Nurax is just supposed to be the newest release of Hyrax. Vanilla instance of Hyrax for testing.
      • Difference with Nurax vs. a local Hyrax - all configurations turned on. 
      • Nurax does not always have the most recent code. Usually deployed closer to formal release.
      • Once it gets 2.1, it may be on that for a while. Already in beta release.
    • QA Testing
      • Working on big bugs (like Rails errors)
      • Will move into release candidate, might be best time for DURT.
      • Last time, there were 5 release candidates, 10 weeks. Shorter window this time around. 
      • Could also consider trying to do our work right after 2.1 (as 2.1.1, perhaps)
      • Release process:
      • More bugs in sharing/permissions than navigation / discovery
  • DURT Planning
    • Running issues: UI/UX Hyrax running issue list

      • UXIG will process issues from this list into GitHub
    • Actionable feedback plan / advice
      • Adam might be able to help work on recommendations. Typically hard to get development effort.
      • There are also accessibility issues that need to be fixed.
    • Timing / schedule
      • Nasty bugs have another two weeks
      • Let's just wait for wait for full release to do testing
    • Scope / focus
      • Work with staff again
    • How many participants?
    • Documentation to review
  • Governance questions
    • Will this affect us?

Action Items / Next Steps

  • Explore collections functionality (navigating between three views of object can be tricky/confusing.) *might be a good candidate for user testing
  • Adam: consider other UX methods for glaring problems, before doing user testing
  • Julie will tag UI/UX advisors on some smaller issues (not requiring user testing)