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Agenda and Notes

  1. Note taker and facilitator  kestlund
  2. Additions/changes to agenda?
  3. Updates / Questions from Local Host Committee
    1. No updates – our next meeting is 9/20
    2. Breakout room for M on Th slight change that does not change in capacity; 
  4. Review proposals so far: Suggestions for Samvera Connect 2017 Program 
    1. Need to finalize workshops by week of 9/11
    2. Program should be finalized by 9/25
    3. (Note: September is our busy month and we will actively be using slack and Google Group for decisions)
    4. 2 submissions on form – add directly to github once
    5. Missing some issues on DevOps
      1. Add directly to github if something comes out of Princeton meeting 
  5. Script to scrape wiki and put into github repo - assign to update for 2017 to be run around the first week of Sept.
    1. Justin Coyne working on this!
    2. Confluence doesn't use well-formed XML, not a good source of data
  6. Process for call for IG/WG meetings and lightning talks - should send out call soon for meeting time to get schedule set
    1. Virtual connect sent out an email to all chairs (together) and sent out template of questions
    2. Add question about in-person meeting
    3. We will ask all chairs to add to Github directly
      1. Email KE if no access
  7. Mentoring Committee set-up and charge
    1. Nabeela and Sefano volunteered!
  8. Action Items
    1. Justin will run script to scrap wiki on 9/1
    2. Nabeela draft of communication draft for IG/WG this week
      1. Link to template slides and/or questions
    3. Karen E finalize mentoring charge and send out call for mentors and mentees