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Agenda and Notes

  1. Note taker and facilitator  kestlund
  2. Additions/changes to agenda?
  3. Updates / Questions from Local Host Committee
    1. 9 had registered as of last week
    2. Evviva sent out a registration last week
  4. Settle on slack plan of operation
    1. Private channel on Samvera -Samvera →. decisions to be recorded on wiki, or . - this one
    2. Private channel on UCSD, which is archived
  5. Confirm Scholarship Committee membership - (Draft Charge
    1. Committee confirmed
    2. Reviewing charge
      1. More info. on criteria to help committee
      2. Add info. on how to deal with additional funding from other sources
      3. Confirm by end of day Monday
  6. Review proposals so far: Suggestions for Samvera Connect 2017 Program
    1. What is missing?
      1. Workshop for repo and service managers
      2. Migrating from CDM or BePress - track on migration?, workshop?
      3. Building on top of Hyrax
      4. Collections as Data
      5. Tracking
        1. In addition or instead of tracks like dev, managers, and ops, thematic
    2. Extend call / send out another call?
      1. One more open call with closing of Aug 31
      2. Karen will send out link to be edited by group for call
  7. Confirm structure and type of sessions per meeting rooms and calendar
    1. To confirm today:
      1. Types of sessions
        1. Workshops - yes!
        2. New comers pre-conference - yes!
        3. Plenary, lightning talks, poster session, presentations/panels -  confirmed / committed
        4. Unconference - yes!
        5. Working group and interest group meetings - yes!
        6. New type?
          1. Discussion of speed dating
          2. Opportunities for mentors and mentees
      2. Days for types of sessions
        1. Workshops - Monday
        2. New comers pre-conference - Monday
        3. Plenary, lightning talks, poster session -  Tuesday - confirmed / committed
        4. Lightning talks and presentation/panels - Wednesday
        5. Unconference - Thursday am
        6. Working group and interest group meetings - Thursday pm
        7. New type? - TBD, maybe within other sessions
    2. Can delay until slotting sessions:
      1. Lightning talks as interspersed throughout meeting
      2. Hackspace room
  8. Confirm program setting plan and any changes
  9. Script to scrape wiki and put into github repo - assign to update for 2017 to be run around the first week of Sept.
  10. as raised earlier in this meeting, do we need to do something in particular in program for people who want to discuss bepress/Elsevier?
    1. Unconference topic
    2. Dinners
    3. Workshop with lots of gotchas
  11. Action items
    1. Review Scholarship Charge by Monday - all
    2. Create slack channel - KE
    3. Draft open call email for more proposals- KE then all, send out next Wed
    4. Announcement with schedule outline to community and registration reminder - KE then all, send out on Tuesday (review by end of day Monday)
    5. Talk to folks at your places or you who wants to modify script to scrape wiki to github and KE will try to dig up old code