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Project/platform updates? Dependancies?

Dev Congress, main topic was the CircleCI to GitHub Actions. Tried two different approaches, got some good progress but still a few issues with solr and features test. Chris was working on the latest Ruby and Rails updates. Tested Hyrax with Fedora 6 and failed Syrinia tests. Looked into Fedora-specific issues. Also looked at Accessibility concern tickets going back to Hyrax 3, closed 3 tickets. Ran into file versioning issues on nurax. Talked about testing overall, finding a way to do more testing in Hyrax and if there is any automated testing options we can use. Working on documentation for Hyrax upgrades based on work at UC.

  • Hyrax Maintenance WG - as of Friday there were 9 failing specs in CircleCI. Brad and Ayoub working on valkyrized Hyrax using the directions.

  • Need to finish GitHub actions work, Rails/Ruby

Avalon - focus on accessibility at IU. WCAG AA. Redid the Avalon item page. Working on a new release with a lot of changes, a lot of IIIF and new media player, and a lot of performance and accessibility changes. 7.7 release in next two weeks. Next release will be focused on better searching and transcripts for oral history. Not IIIF search spec at this time.

Rob - Hyrax should use Ramp as the default viewer once it also uses IIIF search! Some good synergy across our platforms.

Hyku - Softserv has been working on Hyku up to Hyrax RC, far along, ran into some edge cases with the Ruby and Rails defaults being incompatible. Don’t want to have a numbered Hyku version on nonreleased Hyrax and Rails. Ruby 3.2 and 3.3 have big performance boosts but not trivial updates.

Have some technical expectations to work out, and changes to discuss in the community. Those kinds of conversations need to happen so that reviews can go smoothly.

Want to update Hyku to include Hyrax 5 when it is complete, and move Hyku Up and Hyku for Consortia.

GBH is complete, ready to turn Fedora 4 off!


Latest update message

Additional Items?

Maintenance Pledge - need to hours in, or find a new way to get volunteers for maintenance.

Geonames field issue in Hyrax - requires some configuration and the documentation is unclear. Need to address this in documentation group or some other approach.

✅ Action items

  •  Avalon rep on Hyrax F6 Working Group!