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Contentful and website planning updates

  • Still in progress: Heather will start a document to outline the content strategy and share with Adam, so we can replicate this for the project subdomain sites

Twitter/X alternatives

Connect presentation (up to 10 min) - Heather will have to Karen with script by the end of the day! Outline:

  • What we do

  • New motto, tagline, quick how & why

  • Website: audiences, work so far, work we’re planning including subdomains - we could really use additional help for this

  • Social media and press releases, reaching stakeholders to understand why open technologies

  • How to join us

Community survey

The board wants to put together a survey for the whole community to gather information to guide future Samvera events, focused on general IT/development/library topics that could help us solicit future presentations that will be most interesting to the community. We're using a list of topics that the UC schools used to gather information about topics of interest in their institutions.

Ongoing projects below

Upcoming press releases

  • Hyrax 5 when released

  • British Library as new Partner - right after Connect

  • New Board members and Chair - after election (1st week in December?)

Making the case for supporting Open Source: how to break down the process to create this as a page on our website? Could first step be all of us gathering existing resources? Can we ask how this is being pitched now, and what is getting through? Who are their trusted sources? Showing that there is not one solution for all problems, need to be able to talk to other systems.


Of these, Library Technology Guides, Against the Grain, ICOLC and ACRL almost always publish what PALNI send.

Potential outreach through chapter call

Action Items