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TitleDescriptionLinksTime EstimateProposed ByFacilitatorInterested in
Developer Onboarding Documentation: Moving the Samvera KBThe Samvera KB is a somewhat known but mostly out of date and not easily maintained resource that has just enough helpful info on it to cause confusion. The Developer Onboarding Working Group is working on moving the good info over to the Samvera Confluence wiki. We thought this would be a great thing to work on as part of the Dev Congress!

Samvera KB (not everything here is good info):

New location on Samvera Confluence Wiki: Samvera Development Knowledge Base

Timebox at 3 hours maxJuliet HardestyJuliet HardestyBradley Watson
Johannes Frenzel
Promoting Bulkrax out of Samvera-labsBulkrax is used by several institutions as part of Hyrax/Hyku implementations but the Bulkrax code is still living in Samvera-labs in Github. There seems to be only a little bit of effort remaining to finish the list of things needed for promoting this gem from Samvera-labs to Samvera.

Current Bulkrax code:

Steps for promoting code out of Samvera-labs:

1/2 day?Juliet HardestyBrandon Straley

Bradley Watson

Brandon Straley

Adam Ploshay

Enhance Hyrax IIIF API

Enhance the builtin IIIF components of Hyrax. Ideas:

  • Add vips transformer to riiif
  • Better caching in riiif (etag?)
  • More flexible viewer options
  • Add iiif service to docker compose

Daniel PierceDaniel Pierce
Hyrax OnboardingHelping anyone who needs it to get Hyrax up and running locally using Docker (dassie, koppie, and sirenia) (dassie and koppie) (sirenia)

2 hoursJuliet HardestyJuliet HardestyPaul Walk
Wings as separate gemSince Wings is on its way to being deprecated, pull this out into its own gem

Chris Colvard

Core Components review in light of Valkyrized HyraxCore components - which ones should be folded into Hyrax and can any be deprecated? any used outside of Hyrax and require maintenance?

Chris Colvard
Paul Walk