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  • GitHub Teams

    • Teams Audit is needed for the next Developer Congress

      • James can commit and hopefully Adam is still available

      • Nothing is a high priority beyond this at the moment

  • Charter for the Roadmaps Alignment

    • Facilitate with a New Hyrax Product Owner

      • This would involve recruitment efforts

    • Group could also assist with planning for Avalon and Hyrax releases

    • Participation in the Developer Congress

    • Hyrax

      • Maintenance for dependencies

      • Managing releases has been very difficult

        • Curious as to how this could be planned over the next year

      • Moving Avalon to Hyrax

        • This is likely to trigger further conversations

      • Valkyrization and Fedora 6

        • Questions regarding Valkyrie support for PostgreSQL

        • This is really essential

    • Samvera Camp and Training (Data Curation Experts)

      • Training materials really depend upon Valkyrie

      • However, that being stated, there is strong demand for training

    • Hyrax Maintenance Issues

  • Dev Congress

    • There is an outstanding call for interest in serving as a facilitator for the next Developer Congress

    • James and Julie can assist with providing guidance as to what is required for this role

Meeting adjourned at 09:20 PST / 12:20 EST

Action items