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  1. Notes and matters arising from previous meetings

    1. StoryMap.js

      1. Charlotte will look to get further student worker input on developing the Samvera tour [post-meeting, Charlotte confirmed that a student worker is now giving this attention]

      2. It was acknowledged that the tour could be included within the website now anyway, with updates to follow, with an invitation for feedback (Action: Heather)

  2. Event review

    1. Open Repositories 2021

      1. The workshop had gone well, albeit with less numbers than had signed up (19). The participatory elements using Jamboard had worked well (thank you Nabeela) and had produced some useful feedback

      2. The Samvera sponsorship had highlighted the Community well. The virtual booths had had a mixed success, generating conversation, but not always on Samvera! The conference had asked at the last minute about whether we wanted to share a short video, which highlights the benefits of having one or more of these to hand would have.

      3. There was generally a strong Samvera presence in the programme and a lot of Samvera attendees. Heather’s input to the Repository Rodeo and her 24x7 had been well-received.

      4. It was unclear whether OR would be doing their own evaluation that we could benefit from for the workshop - Action: Chris will check [post-meeting, an evaluation was circulated by OR21 - Chris is checking whether the results of this can be shared]

  3. Marketing materials

    1. Heather had collated our stocks of hex stickers, and this was the basis for the recent offer to circulate these to those who would like them (to take place at the end of June).

  4. Budget for 2021-22

    1. It was agreed to re-visit budget needs for 2022 in the autumn to tie in Samvera budget planning more generally.

  5. Summer meetings

    1. Everyone was asked to indicate their summer availability to identify when meetings may not be feasible. Action: All

    2. Chris will propose a set of themes to cover at summer meetings, to be circulated in advance to inform thinking ahead of them. Action: Chris

  6. AOB

    1. Chris had moved all the presentations from the past two years into the shared Google Drive folder for the WG