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  1. Notes and matters arising from previous meeting (21-02-24)

    1. StoryMap.js

      1. No current update - return to this at a later meeting

    2. Code4Lib sponsorship

      1. Steering had agreed to fund Sponsorship at the Contributor level. Heather had progressed this and it was in place for the conference at the end of March

  2. Samvera Virtual Partners Meeting

    1. There will be an update at the Samvera Virtual Partners meeting. This will look to address the following:

      1. peer recognition and use of social media

      2. in relation to item i., the proposed communications logic model

      3. use of the Samvera Repository

  3. Samvera Virtual Connect

    1. A submission will be made for the Marketing Working Group based around a general update, the logic model, and the StoryMap.js development

  4. AOB

    1. The link to the wiki in the calendar invite needs updating