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This is a list of current calls for participation in the Community. Use the Ask template to add your call to action. These Asks will be promoted to the Community by the Community Manager – contact @Heather Greer Klein if you need any help or if you want to explore other ways to find participants.

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Ask:  Volunteer for the Connect 2021 On-line Program Committee

What we need:  Volunteers to help plan and program the 2021 Connect On-line conference

Who we need:   Anyone can join, and first-time participants are especially welcome.

Time frame:  Meetings will be every 2-3 weeks as we get closer to the event date of October 18-21.

To participate:   Fill out this form:

For questions:  Contact @Heather Greer Klein

Ask:  Hyrax Maintenance Working Group 2021 Cycle 2 (July-December 2021)

Participation target date: The team will begin with onboarding work the week of July 4. Monday, July 12 will be the first day of the first 2-week sprint. 

The first week of the first sprint (the week of July 12) will coincide with the summertime Samvera Developer Congress, July 12-16. The Hyrax Maintenance Working Group will be participants in that Dev Congress along with the rest of the community as a way to get the Working Group started and working in Hyrax. 

What we need: Developers and GitHub issue testers to continue the important work of the Hyrax Maintenance Working Group. The goal of the group is to support core maintenance and development for Hyrax in order to provide a stable base; this includes addressing bugs as they arise and reviewing pull requests. Upcoming work will focus on evaluating the outstanding Hyrax issues on GitHub. The goal is to continue stabilizing Hyrax, allowing for future feature development and important code reclamation work.

Part of the work that might occur this cycle will be in support of an IMLS Grant, New Heights for Hyrax. If that grant project is approved, the project will begin October 1, 2021 and the Hyrax Maintenance Working Group during this cycle might support bringing in code changes from that effort and helping with testing needs.

Additionally, this cycle will see a transition of a new person coming into the role of the Hyrax Technical Lead. This transition will be happening at the end of September / beginning of October and will potentially coincide with the beginning of the IMLS grant project. The call for a new Hyrax Technical Lead will be happening separately from this call for Hyrax Maintenance Working Group members.

Who we need: 2 Developers and 2 GitHub issues testers who can secure a .5 FTE commitment from their institution for July-December 2021. Work is done in 2-week sprints, two weeks on and two weeks off.

Developers will focus on evaluating the outstanding Hyrax issues on Github, addressing bugs, and reviewing pull requests.

The GitHub issues testers will help the Product Owner evaluate and prioritize open Hyrax issues, and will test issues as pull requests are merged and issues are completed. The people in this role do not need to be developers.

Time frame: July-December 2021. Work is done in 2-week sprints, two weeks on and two weeks off.

To participate: Add your name to the team list on the Hyrax Maintenance Working Group page

For more information: See the Hyrax Maintenance Working Group page

For questions: Contact Julie Hardesty (, Hyrax Product Owner