Notes: Check-in for Developer Congress November 2020

We'll record group updates here in case there's anyone who misses the call

Group updates

Samvera Labs:

  • Plan is to take promotion work out and work on it after Dev Congress - see Slack for updates

IIIF React Component:

  • Transitioning to the new project environment
  • Refining issues on the Github project board
  • Making all failing tests pass
  • Getting the packaging for NPM in place
  • Building out intro UI

Hyrax Valkyrization:

  • Broke into subgroups to work on
    • multivalue issues
    • performance issues (saving single item issues led to discovering other issues)
    • feature tests
  • Ping Lynette for help as work continues for sprint

What the Front Door:

  • Work through ReadME and documentation led to bigger discussion on what is Hyrax. 
  • Updates include a table of contents, updated steps including pointing to container documentation and helm chart instructions, and proceeding with updating the description to clarify Hyrax based app vs Hyrax Engine. 
  • Group discussion of how best to frame the documentation PRs led to larger discussion of PRs in general. 
  • Reached out to gather information about a bug fix for saving in containerized environment.

Rails 6 / Blacklight 7:

  • Reviewed which components would need upgraded to Rails 6
  • Found an ImageMagik config that needed updated - notes have been added to the README for it
  • Reviewed outstanding PRs. 
  • Potential that Hydra head would not need a major release version but still exploring.

Circle CI / Orb Updates:

  • PRs up for review in Slack Channel