Summer 2020 Community Sprint Planning Meeting

Date: 06/08/20

Time: 12:00 PDT/03:00 EDT -01:00PDT/04:00EDT




  • GitHub Board Review Column
    • James Griffin is looking to be available to walk with people through the onboarding tasks.
    • For onboarding tasks we want to follow the guidelines, stepping through those, and then ensure the documentation reflects the process.
    • We won't be tracking daily stand-ups, but plan to have a retrospective
    • The Core Maintenance sprint is for this week (2020-06-08 to 2020-06-12)


  • Onboarding Issues
    • Should not be used for changing the website
    • James would like to propose an onboarding session, but create separate documentation issues
      • Want to avoid pressuring anyone to take on documentation issues
  • James can proceed with schedule onboarding meetings tomorrow
    • jrgriffiniii [at]
    • There may be several groups for this
  • Pairing Sessions
    • Rails and Ruby CircleCI configuration
    • Pairing Sessions for CircleCI
  • Backporting
  • Pairing Up
    • One long-time contributor and two new-time contributors
    • Fixing build matrices as an example, find a time on the calendar, anyone who wants to join me, here is the Zoom link
    • Junior collaborators: find someone
    • Senior collaborators: find tickets, get them on the calendar, and lead someone through it
  • Licensing
    • Everyone belongs to an organization with an active CLA


For the person scheduling the work, announce on the Slack channel when work is going to happen.

9am EDT
Core Component Onboarding (James)

11am EDT
Let's do some releases! bess

Pairing on something! bess

1pm EDT

ActiveFedora Backport with Jeremy Friesen

ActiveFedora Backport with Jeremy Friesen

3pm EDT
hydra-pcdm: Increase the test coverage to 100% (James)

ActiveFedora Backport with Jeremy Friesen

5pm EDTCore Component Onboarding (James)Reevaluate dependency upon ActiveFedora (Tom Johnson)

7pm EDT