SFWG 5th December 2018

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Karen Cariani  (WGBH, Boston)

Jon Dunn (Indiana University) (apologies)

Hannah Frost (Stanford University)

Richard Green (University of Hull - co-facilitator)

Jessica Hilt (University of California, San Diego)

Brian Hole (Ubiquity Press) (first part of meeting)

Ryan Steans (Northwestern University, Avalon - co-facilitator)


  1. Welcome and introductions

  2. Changes to agenda

  3. Charter
    1. Is the overall description acceptable?
      Yes.  The bottom line is that, to deliver on our staffing aspirations, Samvera needs a reliable income of some $500k per year.  Towards $300k even for one member of staff plus "normal" annual expenditures.
    2. Is the timeframe for the deliverables realistic?
      1. February 28th 2019:  Recommendations, including suggested texts, for an approach to 2019's fundraising amongst Samvera Partners and Supporters, complementary to a wider fundraising effort.  If practicable, an interim, or draft, report by January 23rd would be helpful for consideration at the Samvera Steering Group Winter Retreat.
      2. March 31st, 2019:  Report on the desirability of Sponsorship for Samvera Connect and, if appropriate, practical approaches to attracting it (the timing is in order to inform the Connect 2019 planning process)
      3. Partner meeting April 2019:  Interim report for feedback outlining the likely recommendations for a wide fundraising effort
      4. June 30, 2019:  Final, integrated report combining all the above into an annual cycle.

  4. Membership:  Given our brief, are there any other individuals we feel it would be useful to ask to join us?
    Before the next meeting, all asked to consider this. Are there any people we might invite to join us who have direct experience of successfully reaching out to communities for large-scale funding in the way we are being asked to consider?

  5. Immediate tasks
    1. 2019 Partner and Supporter Fundraising call.
      1. Richard will circulate past examples and provide a list of previous contributors
        Contributors list at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ws0pBfuZcdxN_UpnE8LGTtsox2-MyI_4jUbV3UqnDCk/edit?usp=sharing
        Fundraising letters: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rawDb5Xe3U_VWvDGPYZkgO5-hAlRbZn9GwBuVKWpoIM/edit
      2. Whatever goes out in the Partner fundraising call needs to be compatible with our broader fundraising effort. Need to ensure the wording in emails doesn't cross work of others (eg Marketing Group, CMWG)
      3. need to have something in place by February as DuraSpace starts their outreach
      4. by end of January - Steering winter meeting is the 24th and 25th - would be good to be able to tell them our plans
    2. Sponsorship of Connect conference
      1. Need to recommend whether or not to seek sponsorship for Connect in time to inform this year's conference planning
      2. Sponsorship may be direct monetary gifts in return for recognition or payment for "table space" etc.
      3. All to gather examples of like conferences and how they handle sponsorship (or not). Ask other communities how it works for them.
      4. All to think who we might invite to sponsor (if anyone)
      5. Jessica shared sponsorship approach from UCSD conferences - takes time to build up a regular group http://campuslisa.ucsd.edu/sponsors/sponsorship.html
    3. Large-scale fundraising
      1. Do we want rolling feedback as we develop ideas? - probably better to work towards the Interim Report (Partner Meeting 29-30 April) and seek feedback at that point.
      2. All to think who we might approach for funds in this way (thought from Richard whilst writing up notes: How does this fit in with the 1% open source funding model? https://www.ericholscher.com/blog/2018/mar/9/one-percent-for-open-source/) Raffle, interaction, cross over in product with our community, Google Cloud, AWS, exposed to so many higher ed institutions in one go
    4. Other items
      1. Consider: how might service providers fit in - DuraSpace derives income from its registered Providers?
      2. Richard to set up team drive.  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JmB-YB9ZGzNftjrE6kbrm4cWmIdu6qiz?usp=sharing

  6. Date of next call
    1. What day(s) are best for people?
      Wednesday - though that is problematic for Karen through February
    2. Dates for the next two or three calls?
      1. FYI: Richard is away 11-19 December but probably he or Jon should be part of the next call having experience of Partner fundraising over the last few years?
        12th or 19th December depending on Jon's availablility. Decision: 19th December
        9th January
        After 9th January set up a Doodle poll to agree future dates
        Richard to send out calendar invites

NOTES (Ryan):  (Incorporated above)

-whatever goes out in the fundraising call - compatible with broader fundraising effort, wording in emails doesn't cross work of others

-there is a newly minted contribution WG and a marketing WG

-need to have something in place by February as DuraSpace starts their outreach

-by End of January - Steering is the 24th or 25th - doesn't need to be a formal report (can possibly just tell them where we're at)

-March 31 - actively seek sponsorship for Connect conferences - challenge of who is trying to sponsor

Partner meeting in April - have most of the work done and ready to recommend as a draft document

Do we want rolling feedback?  Sufficient to put out a summary email after each call?  Invite comment.  May want to work toward interim and take comment in one go.

We need to be bringing in $500K/ annually - to pay for expenses

DLF October 13th-17th, so Connect will likely not be in October

Is there anyone else we could possibly bring in?  - anyone with fundraising experience?

SCOPE of January info and what we'll report back on -

Wednesdays for meeting time - preferably early - Richard away 12th and 19th - urgency around Partners fundraising for next year - pencil in the 19th (if Jon can make it) - try for the 12th?  - Reach out to Jon, see if 12th or 19th works

After Christmas - 9th of January?  Work out next time

Immediate task is fundraising - Richard share sort of email that went out in the past - list of contributors - range of donations with numbers beside

Start thinking about to whom and how we reach out to big sums of money

membership model - may lose members - never charge (legal statements) - something we'd want to consider very carefully who can provide staff but not 

Talk to Rosy about - putting together a list of partners, who was the person who signed the checks?  Made the financial decision.  She's in the process of looking.  (AI: reach out to Rosy)

this group, start with a brainstorming of who we might approach to give money as a sponsor?   

AI:  provide list of possible sponsors (vendors, anyone else who might sponsor...) Service providers - 

Look at DuraSpace model - registered service providers 

AI:  Team Drive (Richard will do)

Initial thoughts for sponsorship for Connect - whether or not Samvera Connect is a way to raise funds

Sponsors for event - could effectively charge same amount but offset cost

Jess's poster info (room and vendor fair)


Raffle, interaction, cross over in product with our community, Google Cloud, AWS, exposed to so many higher ed institutions in one go

Code4Lib - difficulty getting sponsors - is there a strict sponsorship audience?  Canvas communities to see how that's gone for them

Try for 9th January and then a Doodle for after January 9