Samvera Interest Group for Advising the Hyrax Roadmap (SIGAHR)

Please Note!

As of November 26th 2019, the Samvera Interest Group for Advising the Hyrax Roadmap (SIGAHR) has been re-chartered as the Hyrax Interest Group - you'll find the most up to date information on the page for that group.

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Scope & Objectives

The Samvera Interest Group for Advising the Hyrax Roadmap (SIGAHR) will form a core advisory body for helping to define the roadmap for Hyrax and for overseeing execution of the roadmap. The group will offer feedback to the Hyrax Product Owner and Technical Lead on such issues and help develop future roadmaps for Hyrax. Based on our experience advising on the direction of Hyrax, this group will also make suggestions to Samvera Partners about resources, roles, and structures that can facilitate the management of Hyrax and other Samvera products.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meetings will be held at least monthly on a conference call/video chat. Meeting agendas and notes will be shared with the community via chat (Slack) and Samvera Lists (Google Groups). Members of the group may wish to meet more often than monthly as needed.

Sunset Milestone: the Interest Group will self-evaluate at Samvera Connect 2018. Evaluation and decision to continue the Interest Group will be based on group input into the utility of the group for advising the direction of Hyrax and the decision to continue or discontinue the group will include open discussion with the Samvera Community.

Slack group is: #sigahr 

Monthly meetings: 2nd Tuesdays at 4pm ET - 5pm ET (starting June 12, 2018) 

To join the Meeting:

enter pass: hyrax 


This group, and it’s meetings, will be open to the community, though the Hyrax Product Owner and Technical Lead will work to ensure, as possible, that members of the Interest Group represent a breadth and depth of interest in and engagement with Hyrax across the Samvera community. Members are expected to participate regularly in Interest Group activities and may have up to 8 hours of non-meeting work some weeks.


Meeting Notes

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