Use cases: ORCID integration with Hyrax

Colegio de Mexico

  1. We need two way communication.  If a user uploads an object in the repo, it should update the ORCID record for that person. 
  2. Also, if someone creates a new entry in the ORCID record it should create a new record in the repo.

University of Michigan

Our use cases for Deep Blue and Deep Blue Data are:

  1. Associate work with one or more Author's/Creator's  ORCID
    1. Offer the option to report to ORCID
    2. User can add ORCID in the author/creator field. The system gets metadata from  and stores it with that work. Metadata like preferred name, email, and affiliation.
    3. Consider proxy depositor 
  2. Display ORCID with the user's work. 
    1. The viewer should be able to click on ORCID to view all the other deposits associated with that ORCID.
    2. The system should let the depositor turn off ORCID display
  3. Connect with Symplectic 
    1. If the ORCID is associated with works in Symplectic, they can be imported into Deep Blue 
    2. Offer Authors/Creator to let ORCID pull info from us (may happen automatically)

University of Notre Dame

We want to treat ORCID as a registry of record.

  • As a faculty member, I would like to connect to ORCID and pull down a stub data record from my ORCID profile so that I can then augment that information in our repository.
  • As a faculty member, I would like to push up my repository data to my ORCID profile.