19 November 2015 Geospatial

Time:  1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. 

Call-In Info: Dial +1 (641) 715 3660, room 651025#

Moderator:  Darren Hardy

Notetaker:   Kim Durante


  •  Megan Slemons
  •  Kevin Dyke
  • John Huck
  • Eric James
  • Mollie Webb
  • Jennifer
  • Amy Koshoffer
  • Thomas 
  • Eliot Jordan


Darren gave and overview  of the Geo4Lib Camp planned for January. 

Geo4Lib Camp website:  Geo4LibCamp 2016

The agenda (so far) is here: https://geo4libcamp2016.sched.org/

Consider moving Metadata and Data Management session to Monday and Moving the GeoBlacklight session to Tuesday.

Breakout sessions will happen on Tuesday and Wednesday

Geospatial Metadata session:

We may need participants to have ArcGIS installed for creating metadata - kim will investigate

Ideas for Breakout sessions:

  •    Gazeteers
  •    Methods to query GeoNames
  •    Experience from implementers of GeoBlacklight? What worked? What was needed? Best practices, Operational characteristics, etc...
  •    Integrating GeoHydra into an existing Hydra environment
  •    Issues in FEDORA 4
  •    Geospatial metadata and RDF
  •    Lifecycle of managing data objects (GIS robot suite) 
  •    Strategies for de-duplicating data/metadata, versioning
  •    GeoBlacklight 1.0 planning
  •    Strategies for harvesting metadata from other institutions for discovery
  •    Grants proposals
  •    Major pain points in deploying solutions

    Darren will share position statements from participants in order to highlight other topics of interest from attendees.

 Eliot Jordan, Update on Data Modeling

   The working group has established an initial model for spatial data.

   They are currently in process for building out working code (using GeoConcerns https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/geo_concerns)


  1. Roll Call

  2. Call for Agenda Items

  3. Next Call

    1. Date: Thu 21 January 2016
    2. Moderator: 
    3. Notetaker: 
  4. Announcements: 
    1. Phone number has changed to +1 (641) 715 3660, room 651025#
  5. Geospatial Metadata session at DLF (Kim)
  6. GIS data modeling WG update (Eliot)
  7. Geo4LibCamp 2016 update (Darren)
  8. Geo4LibCamp discussion
    1. main agenda
    2. topics for pre-organized sessions
    3. potential topics for breakout groups
    4. Thu/Fri agenda