19 May 2016 Geospatial

Time:  1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific. 

Call-In Info: Dial +1 (641) 715 3660, room 651025#

Moderator:  Darren Hardy



  • Darren Hardy - Stanford
  • James Griffen - Layfette College
  • Elliot Jordan - Princeton
  • Kieran Etienne - Washington University
  • Amy - University of Cincinnatti
  • Jennifer Moore - Washington University
  • Mollie Webb - Washington University
  • John - University of Alberta



  1. Roll Call

  2. Call for Agenda Items

  3. Next Call

    1. Date: Thu 21 July 2016
    2. Moderator:
    3. Notetaker: 
  4. Announcements: 
    1. Open Repositories 2016 workshop
    2. Hydra Connect 2016 announced (Boston, 3-6 October)
  5. GIS data modeling WG update (Eliot)
  6. Possible RDF metadata WG (Kim)
  7. Summary of progress at institutions
  8. Possible proposals for Hydra Connect 2016 (due 30 June –  Suggestions for HC2016 program)
  9. Geo4LibCamp 2017 early planning – set dates?
  10. other items?



Darren - OpenRepositories Workshop. Will cover: geoblacklight, metadata standards, geoconcerns

Elliot - Was everyone signed up for workshops? (email from OpenRepositories, concerning workshop providers).

Darren - Who all else is going to Dublin? (James, Amy says some from U Cinci., Kieran & Shannon from Wash U.)

Darren - June 30th for proposals for HydraConnect. Informal process. Not a lot of work to put together a proposal for HydraConnect.

Darren - Update on GeoConcerns from Elliot.

Elliot - Have been a couple code sprints. GeoConcerns is now a gem that can be plugged into CurationConcerns. GeoConcerns is a plugin for Hydra (has CurationConcerns as a depencency). Is fundamentally a repository for GIS related data (images, rasters, vectors). GeoConcerns implements models based on PCDM. GeoConcerns implements Mapnik. Want to add automatic file characterization (auto-detection of kind of file: shapefile, geotif, etc). Would like to add auto-ingestion into geoblacklight, auto-loading into geoserver, add more file formats.

Elliot - May be a good time to update the image describing the current models used in GeoConcerns. No support for geofile database (single layer only at the moment). Will be demoing GeoConcerns at the OpenRepositories conference workshop. Will also be uploading a new version of a demo video to youtube. Link is now posted on the project-hydra.slack.com & mailing list (currently on vimeo).

Darren - Went up from a few to around 8 committers (Esme and others now added, some from Princeton). Kim not on call today, so will need to defer metadata conversation for next meeting. Updates from institutions - Stanford: not code contributions, but significant movement in terms of preparing (scanning, organizing, and curating) content "David Rumsey" maps center (web page link, actual room with all sorts of paper maps and atlases). Also much progress in planning for migration from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4.

Jennifer - Will new David Rumsey content be added into Earthworks?

Darren - Earthworks is more for "data" rather than just things like scanned maps, which the David Rumsey collection is more similar to. Link to David Rumsey map collection.

Elliot - Hoping to have GeoBlacklight progress toward end of the summer. Looking to get current content into GeoBlacklight toward the end of summer.

Jennifer - Setup a DOI system for preparation into working on management of Wash U. content.

Amy - No current GeoHydra / GeoConcerns activity, but currently working on setting up community for issues related to learning about collecting, managing, and using GeoSpatial data.

Darren - Is Sufia 7 in release?

? (didn't catch this person's name) - Thomas should be able to provide more detail concerning the status of Sufia 7 (with relation to GeoConcerns?)

John - University of Alberta. Working on MODS metadata in RDF in order to be ready to import into Fedora 4. Also working on setting up Avalon, more of a priority at the moment, but very interested in following developments with GeoConcerns and hopefully doing some work there in the future.

Darren - Stanford is doing a lot of work on Hydra-in-a-Box. Simplifying setup / install process. Setting up on Avalon Web Services infrastructure for example.

Elliot - May be able to leverage Hydra-in-a-Box work to help plug GeoConcerns onto CurationConcerns (may have some 

James Griffin - Finishing a (ArcGIS) server supporting an ESRI javascript framework. Looking to possibly integrate into GeoConcerns. Would be interesting to see what integration capabilities folks might be aware of or could possibly recommend for exploration.

Darren - GeoConcerns possible 1.0 sprint this coming summer. Jack Reed sent out a recent email (also on Slack) about feature set / stories related to that summer GeoConcerns sprint. Would be good to be familiar with in terms of possible coordination of effort.

Darren - HydraConnect in October. GeoConcerns walk-through. There will be a PCDM tour. Might be a good idea to do a similar tour of GeoConcerns models (that are based on PCDM). 

Kieran - I can get in touch with Sheila Rabun about PCDM talk format, see if there are any details there that may help with the format of the talk or resources related to assembling the workshop.

Darren - 2 hour scale workshop on GeoConcerns and related models will likely be appropriate for HydraConnect 2016 in October. Perhaps a panel about geospatial data / resource curation (1.5 hour panel possibly).

John(?) - Maybe something covering RDF and Fedora 4? Like what was covered at Geo4LibCamp.

Darren - We talked about modeling for RDF as one of the hard problems. Might be good to talk about at HydraConnect. Or possibly DLF. Jack Reed just gave IIIF conference presentation on Geocapabilities (GIS content presentation features rather than data features) of IIIF. Mirrordor, based on IIIF (IIIF being the protocol).

Darren - Geo4LibCamp 2017. Room is open / available in late January (January 30th - Feb 3rd or January 23rd - 30th). May conflict with other conferences, will need to consider. Geo4LibCamp will be 3 days, with 2 day post conference (like last year).

Group - Later dates sound better.

Darren - Tentative dates of the week of January 30th through Feb 3rd. Funding has the go-ahead from Stanford's director.

Darren - Last call for agenda items?

Jennifer - Anything remote members of the group can do to help plan the conference?

Darren - Yes! Will be getting in touch with people in late summer / early fall about what might be helpful in organizing. Will be planning on unconference style, but would be glad for assistance.