Template for IG Charter

Scope & Objectives

A lightweight statement of the topic, the scope and objectives of discussion of the interest group should be documented in the wiki.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Note that following current best practices within Samvera, Working and Interest groups should use an existing channel unless and until it becomes clear that a dedicated channel is needed. This section should specify which existing channel(s) will be used: e.g., samvera-tech, samvera-partners, samvera-community. When using a shared channel, individual working groups should start the subject line with their name in []s, such as [archives] for the Archives Working Group. If and when a dedicated channel is needed, the new channel should be well publicized and open to any interested subscribers/participants in the community.   

Please include a sunset date for the IG, after which its pages can be archived.


At least three organizations must be represented in an interest group.  Anyone may be part of an interest group with or without a CLA, as there are no deliverables from the group.

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Meeting Notes