Hydra Connect RDF WG 2014-10-03



  • Rights Metadata
  • Agenda going forward
  • Choose a new chair for RDF working group 

Discussion items

Agenda Going forwardTom Johnson
  • Present or Upcoming issues?
  • Converging on general shared assumptions on what our data models look like
    • Explore in the context of Fedora 4
  • Documentation and communication plans
  • Lots of interest in workshop, and already doing RDF but didn't know about changes in AF7
  • How to get from Relational DB to RDF?
  • New Coordinator: ?
  • Tasks: Ordered Lists, Rights
  • Community Outreach
  • Pre-conference at C4L?
 New CoordinatorTom Johnson
  • Should RDF Working Group discussion merge with Committers Call?
  • RDF standing section on Committers Call? Talk with Adam
 Access ControlJustin
  • Hydra Rights Metadata - Copyright and Jurisdiction access
  • Fedora could have an ontology that handles the Group/User access control
  • Could be actionable at Fedora or Hydra Level
  • Majority use super user account to access Fedora, Fedora doesn't know who is making request
    • Benefit of using Fedora is that enforcement of Rights (whether from Hydra/Islandora/etc.)
  • Embargo/Lease is more complicated for automation (local decisions on access)
  • Rights metadata should be extensible. Currently hard-coded assumptions around existing predicates
  • Current: "This Object is editable by Group X"
  • Proposed: "Groups have statements about Objects, or classes of Objects"
    • 4 modes of access: read, write, append, control (being able to change ACL)
      • discover: not needed because you can apply read mode to the object, and private on the datastream
    • Web Access Control Ontology
    • Liability: Lots of Objects in repository, so lots of statements for groups
    • Advantage: Update to access control logic doesn't require touching all repository objects, just touch the WAC objects
    • May be compatible with LDP spec over time
  • Is Web Access Control Ontology compatible with needs of Hydra Rights?
    • need a way to get from User in Ruby to a URI and back
    • Specifies independent Objects with statements for: 
      • Agent (person or group)
      • Mode (edit, read)
      • accessTo (repository object)
 Embargoes and Leases 
  • Can Access objects know about embargoes and leases?
  • Should this support a workflow of a path for an Object with an embargo or lease?
  • Who has embargoes: majority of institutions
  • Who has leases: fewer, but can see value
  • Do we need straw-person examples of this as well?
  • worthwhile has current implementation of Hydra Access Controls (Hydra 7.2)


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Action items

  • RDF Pre-Conference at Code4Lib
  • Karen will setup a call, that may be part of the Hydra Committers call
  • Esme and David will create examples/use cases and generate RDF examples of Fedora Model with statement on the Object, and Web Access Control Ontology. Will report back during next committers calls 
    • Modes: read, write, append, control from WAC
  • Karen and Mark are going to be having discussion on Rights and can provide a recommendation back to Hydra. That will trigger further discussion on Rights Metadata in Working Group