October 10, 2014


Dial: +1 (530) 881-1400
Access Code: 651025


Facilitator: Chris Awre

Notetaker: Bess Sadler


Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks  
      1. Roger from Case Western 
    2. Attending
      1. Chris Awre - Hull
      2. Bess Sadler - Stanford
      3. Anders Conrad - Royal Library of Denmark
      4. Dean Krafft - Cornell
      5. Mike Friscia - Yale
      6. Ray Lubinsky - UVA
      7. Mike Muraszko - WGBH
      8. Jon Stroop - Princeton
      9. Mark Notess - Indiana
      10. Claire Stewart - Northwestern
      11. Julie Rudder - Northwestern
      12. Rick Johnson - Notre Dame
      13. Tom Cramer - Stanford
      14. Mike Giarlo - Penn State
      15. Eben English - Boston Public Library
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  2. Next Call
    1. Date: November 14th  
      1. Facilitator: Anders Conrad
      2. Notetaker: Mike - Yale
  3. Architectural oversight of Hydra core (see notes from August 8, 2014  and September 12, 2014 2014) 
    1. Update from Hydra Connect
      1. Conversations at the conference: We want to make sure core gems are getting love. 8 - 9 institutions interested in developing common data model, converging on common model for works, RDF technologies, (UCSD, Oregon, NW, DCE, Stanford, ND, possibly others). Some are contributing use cases (Cincinnati). 
    2. See here (worth reading all three pages to see full arc of discussion):  Long Term Vision and Architectural Oversight
      Core Gems Committers Notes
      Sufia Futures
    3. This topic should now take place in the relevant working group, we don't need to keep it on the monthly agenda for everyone. 
  4. Hydra News (proposed new aggregation of information)
    1. Steven Ng from Temple U. has volunteered to aggregate news about Hydra into a single news feed. Steven and Richard Green are discussing this and will come back to the community with a more detailed proposal. Email Richard or Steven if you want to be involved. 
  5. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back (if any)
      1. Hydra Connect synthesis
        1. Thanks to Case Western Reserve for hosting! You are awesome!
        2. For junior people, could we have something in between a dev congress & a hydra camp? Something to help new folks on board? Claire will send out some ideas. 
        3. Did we do a good job reaching non-partners / potential adopters? Can we reach out to them now and talk about how it went? Best way to do this might be regionally. 
        4. Thanks to the conference program planners! Great job! 
      2. AMIA Conference
        1. Still going on. We'll check in next month.
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      1. See Events, presentations and articles page for latest details
        1. Hydra Developers - Making Progress Fall 2014
        2. Hydra UK, 22nd October 2014
        3. LibDevConX, 23-25th March 2015
        4. Developer Congress / meetings - March 26 & 27th - After LDCX - Come and work on core gems, modularization of Sufia and Avalon, advancing core hydra topics (e.g., RDF)
        5. Power Steering - upcoming, details TBD 
        6. Regional meetings
          1. Portland, OR, Nov. 6-7 - Focused Hydra developers meeting - See email to Hydra Tech from Karen Estlund 
      2. If you organize a regional meeting, please add it to the hydra wiki events page and post notes.
    3. Training
      1. DLF in Atlanta October 27 - 29 (Hydra Installfest + Intro to Development in Hydra)
        1. 2 Hydra workshops (Install + Develop)
        2. 12-15 Hydra related presentations
      2. Code4Lib 2015 - Portland, OR, February 9 - 12 
        1. RailsBridge (Carolyn Cole)
        2. Intro to Blacklight (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Jessie Keck)
        3. GeoHydra / GeoBlacklight (Jack Reed, Darren Hardy, Bess Sadler)
        4. Dive into Hydra (Possibly with a focus on installing Worthwhile) (Justin Coyne, Mark Bussey, Bess Sadler)
      3. Probable Hydra Camp this fall - TBD - Please get in touch with Mark if you'd like to host.
    4. Interest & Working Groups
      1. Proposal on formation and governance of working and interest groups
        1. Having a more formal working and interest group model could be a way for Hydra to grow and scale. Interest groups focus on a specific topics over time, but working groups come together to accomplish a specific deliverable, in a specific length of time, and then disband. Please read and comment. We hope to ratify this this quarter, and use it to organize our work going forward. 
      2. Hydramata: 
        1. It is an evolving discussion on how much to keep Hydramata separate from other projects like Sufia, Curate, and Worthwhile.  It is likely that a handful of common components will emerge drawing from those projects.
        2. Jeremy Friesen's Presentation Hydramata::Works, Hydramata::Core, and a Little Bit More (Jeremy Friesen) (Link to presentation)
        3. Hydramata poster: Hydramata poster link
      3. Hydra RDF WG
        1. Hydra Connect RDF WG 2014-10-03
        1. 2 potential models for hydra rights metadata in rdf. One of these will go into place in fedora 4 pilot projects. Karen Estlund is going to take over facilitating, and the upcoming meeting in Portland is going to be part of that. Portland meeting likely to focus on rights metadata. 
        2. Current group is more of an RDF interest group and specific work should take place in WG convened for a specific task. 
      4. Hydra Archivists WG
        1. HydraConnect 2 HAWG Discussion Group
        1. Good meeting at Hydra Connect. Looking for folks who are planning to do Archive Space integration - Duke is on board, lots of institutions want to see this happen. 
        2. Rep from Artefactual and possible integration b/w archivematica and Hydra 
        3. Adam Wead wants to step down as chair of HAWG, looking for new chair. 
      5. Hydra UX update
        1. Also more of an Interest Group given the new framework. Notes from HC meeting on  Samvera User Experience Interest Group. Want to have regular phone meetings and an online space for designers. Want to reinvigorate regular meetings. 
      6. Hydra Works WG
        1. Track activity here: https://github.com/projecthydra-labs/hydra-works/issues
        2. Latest proposed data model based on submitted use cases: https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/856924/4593133/4ef830c4-5083-11e4-9ec7-261a9483eb7a.png
      7. Hydra Digital Preservation WG
        1. Also more of an Interest Group, but there is interest in convening a working group to do some specific work around improving some key gems. 
        2. Interest in archivematica integration, especially for fixity checking and ongoing preservation audits. 
        3. Desire for more regular calls, identify more specific areas of interest and work
        4. Start of a use case page on wiki 
        5. There are good conversations happening on github. Some people don't feel comfortable using github. Could we at least have a pointer on the wiki to the place where conversations are happening on github?
      8. Other Working/Interest Group Reports
        1. Interest in spinning up a repository managers interest group - Hannah Frost at Stanford
        2. Data Modeling interest group
    5. Strategic Plan updates - let's remove this as a standing item
    6. Status of information gathering on Fedora 3 -> Fedora 4 transitions (Migration messaging) 
      1. let's remove this as a standing item
      2. there are several partners migrating from fedora 3 to fedora 4, and news about how that goes will surface in other channels
      3. Penn State will be migrating ScholarSphere from Fedora 3 to Fedora 4, and has solicited questions or topics of interest from the community that they should document as they go through the migration. Send those on to Mike Giarlo at michael@psu.edu.
  6. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
  7. Any other old or new business