December 11, 2015


Dial: +1 (641) 715 3660
Access Code: 651025#


Facilitator: Mark Bussey (DCE)
Notetaker:  krenee (Michigan)

Agenda & Notes

  1. Roll Call
    1. Attending
      1. Eben English (BPL)
      2. newmanld (Cincinnati)
      3. wgcowan (Indiana University)
      4. Rick Johnson (Notre Dame)
      5. DeanK (Cornell)
      6. Mark Bussey (DCE)
      7. krenee (Michigan)
      8. Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern)
      9. Michael Joseph Giarlo (Stanford)
      10. Sheila Rabun (University of Oregon)
      11. Margaret Mellinger - Oregon Digital / Oregon State University
      12. Chris Awre (Hull)
      13. matienzo (DPLA)
      14. Lakeisha Robinson (Yale)
      15. Matt Mcvey (Tufts)

    2. Welcome New Folks
      1. New person for Avalon - Maria Whittaker (not in attendance today but will be joining future calls)
    3. Call for Agenda Items
  1. Next call
    1. Date: January 8th, 2016
    2. Facilitator:  Rick Johnson
    3. Notetaker:  Carolyn Caizzi

  2. Hydra-in-a-Box project
    1. Organizing staff into teams to organize functional areas of project - for example, technical bits for defining what a hosted service would need. Design requirements, etc.
    2. Design phase until the end of March 2016
    3. Building out FAQ & will publish on project website next month
    4. Analyzing transcripts from interviews & focus groups
    5. Provisional decision for what content types will be supported initially
    6. Looking through requirements & distinguishing reqs for repository products vs metadata aggregation/enrichment. 2 related products will be built.
      1. Hydra in a box & "Aggregator in a box"
  3. Discuss items on Power Steering identified for discussion during Hydra Connect 2015
    1. (see / (see also, "Partner Calls"; not all items need be discussed this call; facilitator should determine based on time
    2. Develop framing around turn-key - What is needed?
    3. Ally Skills Workshop at HydraConnect - 
      1. Create a formal interest group to keep momentum and values and ideas continue to ground our community?
      2. Will schedule a quarterly interest group call to determine next steps the community can take. January or February 
    4. Organize developers congress
      1. Feb. 3-5, 2016 at UCSD
        1. Have a room for it at UCSD. Updates & sign up sheet as well. 24 people signed up currently with a max of 30. Please sign up soon!
        2. Just started building out agenda. Quasi-unconference style.
      2. Michigan in May, 2016
        1. May 2-6th 2016
        2. In planning stages, will reach out to former hosts for more information & guidance on planning
    5. Hydra Camp with Pair programming / Intermediate Hydra Camp
      1. Mark Bussey has been talking to folks informally. Asking if they can add a brainstorming session at the UCSD camp - approved, added to agenda.
    6. Teach more workshops - what is needed?
    7. Best practices working group - interest?
    8. Any other issues from Power Steering

  4. Standing Community to-do's
    1. Reports back from meetings (if any)
    2. Next Partner and dev-centric meetings
      Hydra Connect 2016
      • Eben English- week of October 2nd-6th for conference. Making progress on conference hotel arrangements

  5. Regional meetings
    1. Hydra Europe event in April. In discussion with Europeana for cohosting. Will update when there's more information.
    2. Linda adds that they're drafting a page in the wiki for guidelines for hosting regional meetings.

  6. Training
    1. Hydra Camp - February 22-25, 2016 - UC Santa Barabara -
    2. Anyone willing to host a fall Hydra Camp? Reach out to Mark Bussey
    3. Call from Archivematica folks looking for resourcing for training - good community modeling. Thanks for everyone who has helped build Hydra Camps!
    4. Dive into Hydra, Dive Deeper into Hydra, & Blacklight opportunities at Code4Lib 2016

  7. Reports from Interest & Working Groups (Please post a 1-2 sentence note of your update before the meeting just in case someone can't make the call):
    1. Samvera Archivists Interest Group 

    2. Samvera DevOps Interest Group 

    3. Samvera Digital Preservation Interest Group

    4. Samvera User Experience Interest Group

    5. Hydra Web Presence Working Group

    6. Hydra Service Management Interest Group
    7. Hydra Page Turner Interest Group

    8. Samvera Metadata Interest Group

    9. Samvera Time-based Media Interest Group 

    10. Samvera Metrics Interest Group
    11. Fedora 3 to 4 Migration Interest Group.  

    12. Samvera Geospatial Interest Group.  

    13. Samvera GIS Data Modeling Working Group

    14. Sufia Documentation for Managers Working Group (SDMWG - "sdimwig") - Now have a list of questions & answers to share with the rest of the community soon. Will want feedback on questions & answers to make sure there's good coverage & accuracy. FAQs have been split - managers/administrators (high level) & service managers/project managers (in the weeds)

    15. Sufia UI Working Group - Lots of progress over the last 5 weeks. Good personas documented, turning attention to making prototype wireframes better & reflect multi-institution interest. Talking about mid-February for delivery.

    16. Hydra Triple Store Interest Group 

  8. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. (details not included in notes)

  9. Any other old or new business
    1. Mark Bussey - have been using Vagrant VMs for dive into hydra etc. A lot of people looking for Sufia VM and/or demo instance of Hydra. Working on a set of scripts that will build out Sufia instance. These are almost ready & will be ready within the next week or so to share.