August 9, 2013


  • Karen Cariani, WGBH (Facilitator)

  • Steven Anderson, BPL (Notetaker)
  • Mark Bussey, DCE
  • Will Cowan, Indiana
  • Mike Stroming, Northwestern
  • Eben English, BPL
  • Anders Conrad, RLB
  • Richard Green, Hull
  • Jim Coble, Duke
  • Rick Johnson, Notre Dame
  • Mike Stroming, Northwestern
  • Adam Wead, Rockhall
  • Justin Coyne, DCE
  • Tom Cramer, Stanford
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford
  • Mike Giarlo, Penn State
  • Robin Ruggaber, UVa
  • Michael Friscia, Yale



  1. Roll Call
    1. Welcome New Folks 
  2. Call for Agenda Items
  3. Next Call
    1. Date: September 13th, 2013 
    2. Facilitator: Rick Johnson, Notre Dame
    3. Notetaker: Michael Friscia, Yale
  4. Penn State Grant for Zotero:
    1. Want to combine Hydra and Zotero but not going to make it into the most recent Mellon funding round. Going to submit during the next window of November or December and add this as an item when they get there.
  5. ORCID grant by Notre Dame:
    1. Sent out the proposal draft to the Hydra Partner's listsrv yesterday afternoon. Would appreciate it if people took a look at it. Looking for two categories of support for the project as well:
      1. Those who can contribute code at some point during the project's creation.
      2. Those who intent to use the end result of the proposal. By having a list of other institutions that would use it, they can demonstrate that their proposal being accepted would bring in a large portion of the Hydra community.
  6. Progress on Partner Meeting action items
  7. Standing Community TODOs
    1. Next Partner meetings
      1. September at Penn State. Two parallel tracks:
        1. 5 days of code shredding  (9/16-20). Focus on gemification.
          1. There is a page up for the code shredding for candidates on what to work on there.

          2. Shared possible IR for Notre Dame, UVa, Northwestern, and Indiana will generate some direction and topics for the code shredding. (See Notre Dame update by Rick for more info on that project).

          3. Reminder on rooms! Atherton is basically sold-out but still has a few available under the Hydra Block (one must enter the code in their website as the corporate rate to see the rooms). Additionally, there is a game on September 21st, so the Atherton is sold out for Friday night (ie. likely will wrap-up mid-day on Friday and expect people to leave then).
        2. 2.5 days of Strategic Planning (9/16-18).
          1. Decided to put out a call to the list for topics. That email by Richard Green has already been sent out.
        3. Bess asked about a potential Dev Ops track at this meeting. It was decided to instead do planning for a potential Dev Ops track at the Worldwide Hydra Connect event.
      2. December event: Worldwide Hydra Connect meeting.
        1. The results of the Doodle poll were emailed out. The venue at the University of Oregon is heavily booked though. They may have December 16 - 18th available. There are dates in January but all of them would have to be over the weekend as the space is used for courses during the week. There were no objections if this meeting needed to happen using a weekend. The end result of the discussion was to email out the following two Doodle polls about institution attendance to figure out the best option of the below:
          1. December 16 - 18th at Oregon (assuming the space is indeed available then).
          2. A set of dates in January for UCSD in San Diego possibly. Need to contact them to see what their availability is like for that timeframe.
      3. 2014: regional Hydra event in UK/Ireland (same time as LDCX?)
        1. Likely next Spring for an event. Possibly UK or Ireland? No real details still. Will use the September meeting for some face-to-face ability to bounce around ideas.
      4. Pattern for other Partner meetings
    2. Training
      1. Fall Hydra Camp update by Mark Bussey:
        1. 4-day camp, October 1st - October 4th, Case Western Reserve University.
          1. No exact pricing yet but will send out a notice to the partners / tech list very soon (possibly later today).
          2. As a 4-day camp, will be a general type of beginner camp through the whole technology camp.
          3.    Mark will be a faciliter and they are looking into getting Adam Wead to join him.
      2. DLF
        1. Pre-conference workshop similar to the one done at OR2013? Bess will be attending for a talk on Geospatial data and Hydra and said she could do an afternoon session (4-hours). Would like help from others if they plan to attend. Plan is to see if it is possible to still get on the schedule as it is quite late to get space and find a slot to hold this. Mark Bussey may attend to help if this workshop becomes a reality.
        2. Rick asked about Hydra for Managers session. He said he might be able to facilitate and someone(question) will look into this possibility.
    3. Strategic plan: where are we? are we on track?
      1. See: Progress against the 2013 Strategic Action Plan

      2. Rick may add the "SHARE" stuff to the planning page (see the email sent out this morning on what that is)?
  8. Prospective Partner Intel Sharing
    1. FDA called WGBH asking why they picked Hydra over Islandora.
    2. UC Santa Barbara also talked to WGBH about Hydra about a week or so ago.
    3. George Washington University has a new Dean that has shown interest in Hydra.
    4. Oregon is internally considering about possibly becoming Hydra Partners.
    5. Adam Wead is doing a webinar for a small consortium of libraries this afternoon. It is geared to librarians over coders. He plans to make the slides available after that ends.
    6. Case Western Reserve, Ohio State, and University of Cincinatti are making plans to move forward with Hydra.
  9. Website Updates
    1. Search functionality was added.