Notes from Partner Updates

Notes for Institutional Updates
1) Notre Dame
  A) Atrium – Solr index viewer
    i) This is a decorator to a Solr index, allowing slicing the index along
    ii) Allows ease of changing themes.
    iii) Atrium is a proper Rails 3.x engine.
    iv) Atrium and Blacklight are to be mounted engines in the same application.
    v) How many themes are there. Presently it hasn't gotten very far. However,
    if you know Rails ERB, you can easily roll your own theme.
  B) EAD Ingest and Heracles Workflow Sytem
    i) Several slides with ND Fedora Object Model, Workflow Diagrams
    ii) Speakerdeck
    iii) Will extract as an engine and repo with example workers/workflow
    iv) Integrate Heracles with other systems in the library
    v) Live demo of rabbit tests
    vi) Indexes into Solr but relatively headless
2) Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame - Adam Wead
  A) Hydra head is internal
    i) Two formats:
      a) Digital Video: born digital content with no analog or physical source
      b) Archival Video: born analog
    ii) Solr index copied into public Blacklight instance
  B) Using facets as a rudimentary workflow;
    i) Provide granular options for editing different attributes (collection,
    title, contributors, etc)
    ii) Once edited, daily job pushes to Blacklight instance
  C) Creating collections via administrative interface – mixing Digital Video &
  Archival Video
  D) We, the Hydra community, are circling around the same EAD problems
3) University of Hull - Richard
  A) Discussion concerning data sets
    i) Opened hydra to data set deposits
    ii) Has been able to meet lots of expectations for contributors
  B) Have added more granular analytics to collections/data sets
  C) Library Catalogue have applied responsive design
    i) Exporting every night all the changes in holding to SOLR index
    ii) Availability is being rendered as well
    iii) Want to be able to login to Blacklight and checkout a book
    iv) Intend to merge library server index and repository index
4) North Western – Mike Stroming
  A) Application show images used by faculty, students, and staff
    i) General use image library Hydra app – export to power point – create
    custom collection
    ii) Create a cropped image that is viewable only by creating user
    iii) jQuery uploader tool
    iv) Search results you can drag images into and around collection
    v) Nested collections
    vi) Batch edit – allows meta data updates – faculty that uploaded images for
    a research trip could edit the meta data easily
    vii) Fedora Admin Policy Objects – allow other objects to subscribe to this
    policy object; Then the FAPO can be updated an all the subscribers inherit
    this – Editorial: Sounds like a great idea!
5) IU – Chris &
  A) Avalon – Joint venture between Northwester and IU?
    i) Some overlap with RnR Hall of Fame
    ii) System to provide access to AV collections;
      a) 50 different units on Bloomington campus that have AV collections that
      they want to expose;
      b) Want one system for maintenance
      c) R0 is currently publicly released (
      d) Opencast Matterhorn for video processing
    iii) Browse, search, playback video
    iv) Integration with single signon (CAS)
    v) Multi-value fields; how to best edit this?
    vi) Some work on Access controls – how to manage authorization controls
    vii) Aiming for R1 by December/January
    viii) Brief discussion between master/derivative and having a lab that is
    performing conversions
    ix) Batch ingest and how master's storage works
    x) Would like to publish out to other digital video providers (e.g. iTunesU,

6) MediaShelf – Matt
  A) HydraCamp training opportunities
    i) Stabilize curriculum, provide videos
    ii) Expand to other geographic regions
    iii) Should we do these twice a year
    iv) Organizational overhead for hosting at University is easier than
  B) Jenkins plugin for HydraHead change to spin up AWS instance to run tests
  C) Scholarsphere – Google Docs for Academia -- 
    i) Focused at the level of you've given us files and we don't know what applies.
    ii) Provides checksums, version histories, some batch editing, characterization testing and displayable.
  D) Fedora Update 3.6.1 was pushed out
    i) hydra-jetty has been updated
7) Stanford
  A) Blacklight Browse
    i) May not work in Hydra context
    ii) Terms component of SOLR
    iv) Complication getting terms behind an item instead of ahead of item
    v) Provide reverse shelfkey to find terms behind an item
    vi) Handles multi-value fields
    vii) Command line interface available
  B) Hydrus
    i) Rails 3 app with Hydra stack
    ii) Hopefully release with data set support Q4
    iii) Create collection, sign deposit agreement, etc.
    iv) Three tier of users
    v) Collection depositor cannot do publishing, but librarian or collection administrator could publish the collection
    vi) Gem for generating admin view, not open sourced, but gives handy things. Stanford specific, but can be shared with other Hydra community members.
  C) Stylesheets for OAI provider with Fedora