Deliverables - Performance Testing

Performance testing is a key part of delivering a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as we build support for Fedora 6 as a back-end option. As part of the Working Group’s scope, we want to include performance benchmarking for key resource-intensive activities performed by Hyrax users. To reflect the current state of Hyrax adoption, the following combinations will be tested with representative performance tasks.

  1. Hyrax, ActiveFedora, and Fedora 4 (for baseline comparisons)

  2. Hyrax, Valkyrie, and Fedora 6

  3. Hyrax, Valkyrie and Postgres

Representative Performance-Intensive Tasks

The following activities have caused known performance issues in Hyrax with ActiveFedora and Fedora 4.x. These issues are compounded when executed in a repository with a significant amount of content already ingested, but given the challenges of generating a representative content sample in a test environment, and trying to approximate a baseline operating environment, these test cases are suggested as minimum thresholds only. Fedora 6 test cases will also assume a basic Hyrax installation using a default Hyrax work type/model on a Nurax environment.

Additional References:

Performance Tests (draft)

  • Worksheet (please add more test cases, examples and/or local benchmarks)