Hyrax Fedora 6 Working Group

The Hyrax Fedora 6 Working Group (WG) was originally created to evaluate, document and scope the work required for Hyrax to use Fedora 6.x as a back end - See the original charter here. Through focused community efforts to complete the Valkyrization of Hyrax to support a variety of back ends and deliver Hyrax 5.0, a pathway to Hyrax 5.0 with Fedora 6.x via Valkyrie is on the horizon. Much of the pre-work initially identified by this WG was either in-progress or completed by the time the group was beginning to look at it, which led to the re-evaluation of the purpose of this WG - see Completed Work on the Hyrax Fedora 6 Working Group wiki page.

As of January 2024, the WG has committed to continuing to support the efforts to see Hyrax 5.0 released and working with Fedora 6.x via Valkyrie. This working group will be responsible for the following:

Deliverables & Timeframe

The following work aims to be accomplished before the end of the calendar year:

  1. Sirenia as a fully functional application of Hyrax 5.0 + Fedora 6.x with Valkyrie.

    1. Acceptable % of tests passing, as defined by the WG, from the following: Hyrax 5.0.0 sirenia testing .xlsx

    2. Identify and create tickets for issues related to failing tests from the testing sheet above.

      1. From the identified tickets, the WG will be responsible for distributing workload and/or recruiting community involvement to resolve the outstanding tickets.

  2. Performance Testing of Hyrax 5.0 + Valkyrie + Fedora 6.x

    1. Using the use cases gathered (Stakeholder Use Cases) as a starting point, identify what performance metrics are considered essential and would be of interest to the community more broadly.

      1. Review any other available performance results from Hyrax 5 testing with other backend solutions (ie. Postgres).

    2. Using Nurax, or an established testing environment, explore the current performance of the repository infrastructure under a pre-defined set of profiles and situations

      1. Establish limits for pass/fail

      2. Identify issues and document recommendations for optimization

      3. Compare testing results to any other available metrics from Hyrax 5 testing with other backend solutions (ie. Postgres).

    3. The results of the performance testing will be shared with the community as outputs of this work.

  3. Migration Considerations

    1. The WG will continue to discuss migration efforts required to move from older versions of Hyrax + Fedora 4.x to Hyrax 5.x + Fedora 6.x and continue to explore options for this work.

    2. The WG may be able to provide recommendations for migration tooling or documentation based on the outputs of these on-going discussions.

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

Meeting Notes



  1. @Collin Brittle (Emory University)

  2. @Emily Porter (Emory University)

  3. @Ayoub Belemlih (Emory University)

  4. @Bradley Watson (Emory University)

  5. @Daniel Pierce (Samvera Hyrax tech lead/Indiana University)

  6. @Rebekah Kati (Samvera Hyrax product owner/UNC Chapel Hill)

  7. @Randall Floyd (Indiana University)

  8. @Dan Field (Fedora Developer/Lyrasis)

  9. @Kevin Kochanski (SoftServ)

  10. @Juliet Hardesty (Indiana University)

  11. @Ben Pennell (UNC Chapel Hill)

  12. @Thomas Wrobel (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford)