2022 Samvera Connect Online


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Birds of a Feather conversation materials:




Welcome and Housekeeping

Heather Greer Klein, Samvera


Keynote: Using domain-specific data repositories to study children's development with big(ger) data

Michael C. Frank, David and Lucile Packard Professor of Human Biology at Stanford University and Director of the Symbolic Systems Program


State of Samvera

Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern University


What the FAIR do repositories need?

Mikala Narlock, Data Curation Network; Don Bower, University of Notre Dame


Engaging with the entire research data management lifecycle

Esmé Cowles, Wind Cowles, Princeton University Library


Working Group Updates 1

Component Maintenance Interest Group; James Griffin, Princeton University

Samvera Metadata Interest Group; Nora Zimmerman, Lafayette College

Samvera Roadmaps Alignment Group; Jon Cameron, Indiana University

Samvera Developer Onboarding Working Group; Kiah Stroud, Software Services by Scientist.com

Component Maintenance Interest Group Updates

Metadata Interest Group Update

Lightning Talks 1

Samvera for Special Collections & Archives; Annamarie Klose, The Ohio State University

Open Source is for Everyone!; Heather Greer Klein, Samvera

Picard Maneuver - Speed Up Imports in Hyrax; Rob Kaufman, Software Services by Scientist.com


Project Updates: Avalon, Hyku, Hyrax, Valkyrie

Jon Cameron, Indiana University; Daniel Pierce, Indiana University; Julie Hardesty, Indiana University; Kevin Kochanski, Software Services by Scientist.com; Alexandra Dunn, University of California Santa Barbara


Developing for the Cloud, in the Cloud

Michael B. Klein, Northwestern University


Responsible and Sustainable Overrides

Jeremy Friesen, Software Services by Scientist.com


IIIF, PDFs and You!

Rob Kaufman, Software Services by Scientist.com


Hyku for Consortia: Removing Barriers to Adoption Project Update

Amanda Hurford, Kirsten Leonard, Nicholas Stanton-Roark, PALNI


Improving Hyrax Bulk Imports By Customizing Bulkrax

Emily Porter, Brad Watson, Emory University


Fedora 6.x - Features & Migration Pathways

Arran Griffith, Fedora


Working Group Updates 2

Samvera Marketing Working Group Update, Chris Awre, University of Hull

Samvera Website Migration Working Group Update, Adam Arling, Northwestern University

Bulkrax Interest Group Update, Rob Kaufman, Software Services by Scientist.com

Research Data Working Group Update, Brian McBride, University of Utah


Recruitment and Retention of Technology Talent

Collin Brittle, Emory University; Jessica Hilt, University of California San Diego; Trey Pendragon, Princeton University; Brian McBride, University of Utah; Rosalyn Metz, Emory University


Agile is whatever we made it to be

David Schober, Northwestern University


Focus and Productivity: Struggles and Solutions

Jill Peterson


Lightning Talks 2

ActiveFedora, Rails, and Linked Data; James Griffin, Princeton University

Issue testing as Community Participation: A Live Demo with Hyrax; Julie Hardesty, Indiana University

Controlled Digital Lending in Avalon Media System; Jon Cameron, Indiana University

ActiveFedora, Rails, and Linked Data


It Really Does Take a Village - How the Samvera and Fedora Communities are using It Takes a Village Project for Sustainability Planning

Arran Griffith, Fedora; Heather Greer Klein, Samvera


Case Study: Evolution of Northwestern University Libraries Repository and Digital Collections

Carolyn Caizzi, Northwestern University


The Software Development Process

Kiah Stroud, Software Services by Scientist.com


Closing Remarks

Heather Greer Klein, Samvera




What is Samvera Connect?

Samvera Connect (hashtag #samvera2022) is a chance for the Samvera Community to gather in one place at one time, with an emphasis on synchronizing efforts, technical development, plans, and community links. The meeting program is aimed at existing users, managers and developers and at new folks who may be just "kicking the tires" on Samvera and who want to know more. Samvera advertises this yearly conference with the slogan "as a Samvera Partner or user, if you can only make it to one Samvera meeting this academic year,  this is the one to attend! "

¿Qué es Samvera Connect?

Samvera Connect (#samvera2022 en Twitter) es una oportunidad para todos aquellos que participan en el Proyecto Samvera de reunirse y sincronizar nuestros planes de desarrollo y trabajo técnico, asi como establecer enlaces con el resto de la comunidad.

La agenda durante esta reunión incluye temas de interés tanto para instituciones que ya usan Samvera y están familiarizados con la tecnología, como para aquellos que apenas lo están evaluando y desean conocer más acerca del proyecto, la gente que lo usa, y los programadores involucrados en su desarrollo. Samvera patrocina esta conferencia anual con el eslogan "no importa si eres un usuario nuevo o alguien que ya contribuye al Proyecto Samvera , si so solo vas atender una conferencia este año   ¡Samvera Connect es la que debes atender!  "