Adding Captions and Transcripts

Adding a Caption or Transcript File

Any number of caption and transcript files can be attached to a media file. Captions will display within the media player and can be adjusted using the closed caption menu. Transcripts will display in the Transcript component located within a tab labeled “Transcripts” on the item page. To add these files:

  • Click Edit button, then click Manage file

  • Click Edit. A panel will open with actions to upload caption, transcript and supplemental files.

  • Click Upload next to the appropriate category of file and use the file picker to select and upload the file:

  • By selecting the Edit button, you’ll see the ability to change the label for the caption or transcript file

  • Caption files also have a language specified (default is specified in system settings)

  • Transcript files can be marked as “Machine Generated”; when checked a note will display to users on the item page that this is a machine-generated transcript file


  • If uploaded to a section, captions will appear in the media player and transcript files will display in the Transcripts tab on the item page:


Accepted File Formats


Caption files must be in WebVTT or SRT format.


To display within the Trascript tab, files must be in one of the following formats:

  • Word Document (.docx)

  • Text File

  • WebVTT

Other formats will still be displayed to users for download.