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A list of known Hyku applications and the features that have been added to them (newer entries added at the top), following the example of the Samvera Implementations page.
If you do not have edit permissions, contact Kevin Kochanski at for suggestions or updates.

Product/Service Name
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Code repository
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Institution and Partners

Informational URLProject URLBrief Description
(what is it used for and by whom?)
Main Features
(any customized features or additions to base gems)

Pacific University

Ubiquity Press
Brian Hole

https://commons.pacificu.eduCommonKnowledge is the home of the collected scholarship and creative works of Pacific University faculty, staff and students - and of their collaborators from around the world.

BePress migration

Built by Ubiquity Press with a number of custom features, including importer tool and public-facing design.

New York City Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) Digital Platform

New York City Municipal Archives

DORIS Digital Platform houses collections from the New York City Municipal Archives.  The platform expands access to all collections to a diverse range of users.

Hyku pilot project

Archivematica integration

Hyku for Consortia

The Private Academy Network of Indiana (PALNI)
Amanda Hurford

The Pennsylvania Academic
Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI)
Jill Morris

Software Services by
A collaborative effort between the Private Academy Network of Indiana (PALNI) and the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI), the multi-tenancy of Hyku will make the platform available to member institutions and their users.

Dashboard for consortial administration

Enhanced permission levels

6 different "themes" for interface

DOI workflows

OER and ETD worktypes

Cross-tenant searching

Multi-tenant works

Advancing Hyku

University of Virginia
Ellen Ramsey

Ubiquity Press
Brian Hole

British Library
Torsten Reimer & Rachael Kotarski
A collaborative project to support the growth of open access through institutional repositories, by introducing significant structural improvements and new features to the Samvera Community's Hyku platform. The project partners are University of Virginia Library, Ubiquity Press and the British Library, with funding from Arcadia, a charitable fund of philanthropists Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

Automatic population of repository contents

Enhanced metrics to indicate usage of contents

Connect and sync with author identification and profile services

In-browser display, visualization and annotation

Pathways to long-term preservation services

Shared Research Repository

British Library
Jenny Basford

Sara Gould (retired)

Rory McNicholl

Software Services by ( repositories for UK cultural heritage organisations, currently all Independent Research Organisations (IROs). Content includes a variety of outputs including published works, datasets, 3D models and exhibition material. 

Six individual repositories with a unified search layer over the top.

Built by Ubiquity Press with a number of custom features, including importer tool and public-facing design.

HykuUP Hosted Samvera Repository SolutionSoftware Services by (
SoftServ offers an easily user-managed hosted service solution that speaks to the needs of organizations that don't have the internal resources to support a custom implementation.  Tiered pricing options make it a viable option for a wide variety of institutions.

Utilizes multi-tenancy to offer discrete client repositories

Bulkrax Importer gem

National Transportation Library 2.0

US Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Xin Wang

Illumen (

Software Services by (

US Department of Transportation’s replacement for a legacy repository.  Publishes all reports and works associated with the Department of Transportation.
University of Louisville Digital Collections

University of Louisville
Rachel Howard

Cultural heritage content repository, including newspaper collections
Newman Numismatic Portal

Washington University in St. Louis

Leonard Augsburger

Software Services by (

Moving a WUSTL collection from a legacy .NET application.  A single-tenant Hyku implementation.

  • After refining OCR and content ingest workflow, content is mid-upload of over 300,000 digital objects
  • Includes a number of very high res catalogs from Internet Archive, requiring performance optimization for ingest
    • Cantaloupe image server will be made standard (optional) in Hyku
Adventist Digital Library

Andrews University
Katharine Van Arsdale

Software Services by (

Adventist Digital Library provides access to Seventh Day Adventist historical and theological materials.  A multi-tenant Hyku implementation.
  • Collaborative repository across Andrews University and other colleges hosting contributions from multiple archives and libraries
  • Migrating from an existing Islandora application
  • Dual-tenant, one consisting of citation only/no file works
Amigos Library Services

Amigos Library Services (
Christine Peterson 


TBDTBDThe initial focus of this project will be to provide IR functionality to small- and mid-sized academic libraries that cannot afford commercial options.