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Where do people feel UX is at in the Samvera Community for given applications?

  • Hyrax

  • Hyku

  • Avalon - focusing on UI primarily

UX presence in Samera depends on which project working. Some project have little to no time spent.

UX contributed thru client feedback but no research or experts brought in.

Are there places for us to have consistent branding across applications?

Individuals that adopt the products will want their own branding.

Worth talking about hte extent of what UX and design principles are within the Samvera community. There is a practice of working individually within each product.

Best Practices Document for across all Samvera products? Can we provide recommendations to institutions.

UVA Library Design Principles recently Adopted (Human-Centred, Unified, Efficient, Sustainable). Do we do something broad like this for the community to strive for that can loosly drive decisions but also keep flexibility for institutions that use the products.

Put together a working group for principles over 2021 and then evaluate Samvera flagship apps?

Presentations on principles that can be taken back to individual institutions. Also to evaluate existing apps

Other resources:

Samvera IG/WG Framework

Where does UX feedback come from?

Successful UX feedback involves having someone assigned to this role, giving regular time to it.

Avalon - No formal process. Basic UI design and then have users test (Music Library involved bi-weekly). Otherwise direct feedback to Jon or Avalon contact as comes up.

Alisha- Team uses BugHerd. All feedback from clients come in thru single place. Kanban board to prioritise and address. Not currently part of core products.

Develop guidelines for UX feedback - to be used as part of version release process. Could be recommendations at two levels (broad Samvera products and individual institutions teams for their instances)

Thoughts on focusing upcoming meetings around an application

Maybe one upcoming meeting is dedicated to Hyrax. Or Avalon. Or ?

  • Hyrax - UX

  • Avalon - UX

  • Hyku - UX

  • Accessibilty

  • Sustainability

  • User Feedback Processes

Standard Project Flow


Can share some design phase templates/practices for mini applications, spinoffs, using ux tools.

General Samvera UX Principles

[Discussed above]

  • Are there general UX principles which span across Samvera applications?

  • Do we need them?

  • vs. Nurax demo site

  • Accessibility

Didn’t discuss

Ethics statement from UX group?

  • Would this be helpful?

  • Similar to “Code of Conduct” for Samvera administrative duties, do we need a digital ethics code which the UX team works with the wider community to create?

  • Are there certain things we’d like to make a statement around?

Didn’t Discuss


What are long term sustainability issues relating to good UX….

Didn’t Discuss


  • Common accessibility standards across Samvera apps?

  • Should accessibility be mentioned in Samvera promo materials?

Action items

  •  Draft UX Design Principles for review at next meeting (Carla and Adam lead with input from Slack channel)
  •  Schedule Monthly Meetings with Topics