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Nabeela Jaffer

Margaret Mellinger

Adam Wead

Agenda and notes

  1. Notetaker for next call (November 13th): Dan Coughlin

  2. Any other items for the agenda? Silence is golden

  3. Welcome your new Community Manager - Heather Greer Klein!
    Heather worked previously on hosted DSpace and DuraCloud, DSpace 7 release manager. Based in Durham, NC. Community colleges rely on consortium for digital library services, did technology training and member services coordinator. Worked as pilot manager for Hyku-in-a-Box. End of her first week today. Her email is heather[dot]klein[at]emory[dot]edu. Welcome, Heather! We're so glad you're here, so say we all!
  4. Status check on Virtual Partner Meeting 14/15 October
    Agenda: Fall 2020 Partner Meeting
  5. Status check on Samvera Connect 2020 On-line
    Samvera Connect 2020 – Things going well so far, Heather joined call yesterday. Program finalized for presentations. 4 days of presentations. Interest & working groups giving lightning talks. Other lightning talks on Tuesday and Wednesday. 183 registrations so far, will get an email with a unique webinar URL for Zoom. Workshop leaders will get an email on Monday about attendees to organize their own Zoom calls. 11 posters so far, Slack channel for discussion, Zoom slots available to talk to poster creators. Placeholders on program for community-building events, detail of those will go up early next week, will take place before and after Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday sessions. Hats off for all the hard work that is going into planning Connect!
  6. Status check on IMLS grant application:
    The application has gone in. A number of Partners are part of the application, hope to hear in February, may be invited to a full proposal in March. Will talk more in the Partner meeting – 850k, accompanied by 900k in cost-sharing and commitments by Partners and staff. (Big list of Partners here that even I can't type this fast). Support Fedora 6, Valkyrie. Redacted version shared shortly. Would fund contracted development, along with a technical project manager/coordinator that could ultimately morph into, if we're successful in our fundraising, a position that could serve as a counterpart to Heather's that we've long wanted for the community. Note that SEO is fun – Connect blog post from earlier in the process is topping the Google results. Jon notes that the sitemap is not up to date, will look into who has access.
  7. Anything to raise with the Steering Group (standing item)
    Silence is golden
  8. Date of next call
    1. Friday 13th November, usual time slot