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  1. Notetaker for next call (October 9th) Dan Coughlin

  2. Any other items for the agenda? None

  3. Presentation from Indiana University - Nick Homenda

    Widget Connector

    Digital Collections is a forthcoming Hyrax-based digital image repository at Indiana University (IU) collaboratively developed by the IU Bloomington Libraries, IUPUI University Library, and University Information Technology Services, with major feature development by Notch8. This demonstration will cover features for managing multi-page digital objects and Allinson Flex, a flexible machine-readable metadata modeling implementation for Hyrax developed by Notch8. This new Hyrax-based repository will replace use of a legacy locally-developed Java/Fedora 3-based solution at IU Bloomington and CONTENTdm at IUPUI.


    1. Other partners are interested in integrations with Spotlight

    2. pdf performance is of interest as well
    3. Link to Presentation: iu-digital-collections-samvera-partners-2020.pptx

    4. Related links:

  4. Status check on Community Manager appointment
    1. Carolyn: We had successful interviews. In the process of figuring out the offer. 
    2. Any questions? None

  5. Status check on Connect 2020
    1. Brian: Few updates: Received a lot of proposals for presentations.
    2. PC is meeting every week. By next week we will notify proposal presentees.
    3. Thinking of extending connect by one day. Will be deciding by next week
    4. Thanks to IU for Webinar license for Zoom
    5. Lightning talks close on Oct 4
    6. Poster call is out there. Due Wednesday Oct 7th
    7. Social committee will start meeting soon
    8. Mentoring group is also happening again this year
    9. There is a website for Sched, well be relying on it heavily this year. 
    10. Question about overall timing? PC is working on finalizing the time. It will start at 11 am EST, planning to go for about 3 or 3 1/2 hours. Posters will start on Oct 19th, 20, and 21st.
    11. Oct 22nd is the workshop day, either 90 min or 3-hour workshop
    12. Friday, Oct 23rd, is the traditional plenary day, solution bundles updates. A guest speaker as well 
    13. Following week, Oct 26-29 presentation, lightning talks, IG and WG updates.

  6. Status check on IMLS Grant
    1. There was a meeting on September 1 of potential interested institutions - see Hannah Frost's post to Samvera-partners on August 20
    2. At this point we have commitments or preliminary commitments from IU, Emory, UCSB, Cornell, ND, NW. IU will be the lead, working on the preliminary proposal due by Oct 2nd
    3. If invited, will work on the full proposal
    4. Intended to build on the infrastructure of Hyrax, working with PO, interest groups and working groups

  7. Anything to raise with the Steering Group (standing item)
    1. None

  8. Date of next call 
    1. Friday 9th October, usual time slot.