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Deliverables (navigation) - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group
Deliverables (navigation) - Samvera Branch Renaming Working Group

  • Google Spreadsheet for ranking priority¬†
    how to rename branch in github
    • branch configurations
  • local copies of code
    • impact on local git's connection to the GitHub master branch - how to move to newly renamed branch
    • pins to particular sha of master branch
  • automated builds and deployments that reference master branch
    • building images that aren't from tags but from branches
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible
  • other tooling that references master branch
    • git aliases
    • local shell scripts
    • maintenance scripts for github API
    • git reflow or other 3rd party tools
  • Integrations
    • Github hooks, coveralls, code climate, hound, circleci
    • mirroring with other sources (e.g. gitlab mirroring github)
    • notifications to tools (e.g. slack integration)
  • PRs
    • PRs from branch set to merge to master
    • PRs from fork set to merge to master
  • Issues
    • links to master branch in descriptions and discussions
  • documentation (eg. URLs)
    • wikis
    • READMEs
    • github pages for the project
    • Contributing
  • references to master in code
    • Gemfile pins
    • To possible JSON documents in Github repos
  • forks
    • Within "usual" contributors
    • Other "users"
      • In particular, Browse Everything has utility outside of Samvera's adopters
  • repos
    • all samvera repos?
    • all samvera-lab repos?
    • Not samvera-deprecated