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  • Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern University)
  • Jon Dunn (Indiana University)
  • Hannah Frost (Stanford University) (facilitator)
  • Richard Green (Samvera Operations Adviser, co-facilitator)
  • Kevin Kochanski (Notch8) (apologies)
  • Simeon Warner (Cornell University) (apologies) 

Agenda and notes -

  • Review to-do's from June meeting
    • RG to ask Lyrasis for an update in early August, at which point we will considering following up with those Partners who have not yet paid and esp on those who have not yet been invoiced (at their request).
      Another $16,500 has come in as of 7/24.  We are currently hoping for another $70k or so.  RG will follw up with those institutions who have not yet paid and where he has a personal contact; will ask others on the team to deal with the rest.
    • CC's fundraiser contact would be willing to speak to us in August.  JD's contact would speak to us, though JD would like to give him some context in a one-to-one conversation first.  
      Deferred sine die whilst we work on a possible grant proposal.

  • Discussion of other funding sources and funding targets
  • Next meeting
    Monday 10th August at the usual time.