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  • Carolyn Caizzi (Northwestern University)
  • Jon Dunn (Indiana University)
  • Hannah Frost (Stanford University) (facilitator)
  • Richard Green (Samvera Operations Adviser, co-facilitator)
  • Kevin Kochanski (Notch8)
  • Simeon Warner (Cornell University) (apologies)

Agenda and notes

  • Review to-do's from May meeting
    • Group discussed current state of income from this year's fundraising drive amongst Partners.  Slightly more than 50% of hoped-for income in as at 10th June.  RG will request a further update from Lyrasis in time to inform our next call.
    • RG has published the Contribution Model terms on the wiki and linked it from the website.
    • JD has recently made an announcement as Chair of Steering
    • CC's fundraising contact is willing to talk to the group but has little experience of the library world. JD has a fundraising contact with experience of raising money for libraries (but not a community).  KK's brother has fundraising experience but not really relevant to our needs.  CC to ask her contact to have a brainstorming session with us in a special call.  JD to speak to his contact.

  • Discussion of other funding sources and funding targets
    • Need to have focused options for fundraising before we can approach funding agencies with any hope of a positive response.  The Partner & Roadmap Council call on July 10th is pivotal to this.  We should devote all our next call (7/14) to working on this and making our own synthesis of the issues (in addition to any synthesis the RC might offer).
    • CC clarified her suggestion of a target from a previous call; suggests we should aim to bring in (say) $50k in addition to our Partner income.  Will check to see if there is a science behind such targets - a 20%, 30% addition etc.

  • Next meeting
    • Tuesday 14th July, 0800PT, 1100ET, 1600UK