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Meeting link:

Attendees: Collin Brittle , Jessica Hilt , tamsin johnson , Chris Colvard (Deactivated) , Maria Whitaker , Juliet Hardesty , Doug Boyer, Julie Winchester , Lynette Rayle , Rob Kaufman , Moira Downey (Deactivated) , Brian McBride

Agenda and Notes:





Tech lead update

tamsin johnson

WG sprint started on Monday; 1 blocking issue for 3.0 release connected to alternative title vs title overflow for extra titles; making forms and actor stack replacement work for Valkyrie models along with other Wings work that will be talked about next

WIngs3.0 Testing

Documentation on upgrade experience -

Some had to update to 2.7, then 3.0, then Wings adapter; fairly smooth to update, document leaves off at certain points for different institutions; Cornell, IU (Avalon), Michigan, and one other institution providing notes so that is a good set; Avalon focused on file set changes

PR 4359 makes some changes to transactions that might help with some of the things experienced


Doug Boyer and Julie Winchester

Doug Boyer and Julie Winchester

MorphoSource (2013) - 3D data archive for reuse and attribution; now want ability to link to/pull records from museum databases (Yale using MS API to look for data sets related to its collections); specimen scanning is distributed and hard to track; also interest in pushing data to MS; current MS is not Hyrax, it is LAMP; Hyrax chosen for modern preservation standards and provide better service for museums, teachers, and other end users

Duke University Digital Library working on this; 3-4FT; APIs for Hyrax seen as gap in their work; talked with Deep Blue Data and IU; IMLS proposal to build token-based API for transferring binary files with user auth/access; want API to support MS needs but also core Hyrax needs - support metadata querying, use tokens to download/upload file set packages, user auth/tracking features (user token to know same user is viewing)

Tend to have large number of record types; open data contribution model; media work and specimen work added, each with metadata, event works with metadata; 3D display - UV extension in the works

Questions/issues to consider:

Tom - might have some things to help (IIIF auth might already be supported, for instance); want to know where customizations to Hyrax have not been easy to make; make sure grant includes community process to help work fit back into community/core - maybe charter a WG to help this along?

Julie W - time as part of project to make sure code is gemified and brought back to community but definitely want to engage with community

Tom - ongoing WG to engage - need to share WG/IG Framework from Samvera wiki; dev time to participate in Hyrax WG cycle (at least join calls to talk about what you are working on)

Doug - Interested in WG to get feedback from community on developing APIs 

Moira - Repo Managers IG have talked about API support so there is interest in community (Michigan and Duke, at least)

Doug - seems like 4 institutions that would be interested at this point

Tom - WG sounds like better fit than IG

Also Samvera Tech Call would be good way to stay in touch with community

Doug - Makes sense to have project devs participate in stand-ups with Hyrax WG

New IG meeting facilitator

Julie R is looking for a replacement. 

Chris - create wiki page for agenda and people can add agenda items on their own, like Tech Call

Julie H will create wiki page for next month and remind on Slack channel to add agenda items

Hyku updateRob Kaufman

Chris will fix everything!

Hyrax 3 upgrade within Hyku - not happened yet but still on list; reading others documentation is helpful