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  1. Notetaker
    RG volunteered for the recurring job.

  2. Review the draft charter
    The charter was reviewed and slightly updated in the light of events.  The COVID-19 pandemic caused Samvera Steering to initiate the 2020 fundraising cycle ahead of the FT's first meeting: it was feared that the financial impact of the disease might have a negative impact on budgets later in the year.  The revised Charter is posted here on the Samvera wiki

  3. Considerations re: current pandemic & economic forecasts   
    1. Next steps
      - Need letter to go out with 2020 fundraising invoices from Lyrasis.  RG to make a first draft before end of week.  ALL to contribute comments and suggestions w/b 4/13.  Lyrasis need a completed text on 4/20.
      - Consider talking to a professional fundraising consultant at a non-profit to get advice/ideas. CC will ask a contact.
      - Consider talking to a Development Office.
      - Discuss 'other funding sources' on next call (see #5)

      - Consider setting the Team a target of raising $150k this year (enough to cover a full time salary, associated costs and expenses)
      RG to monitor and report on invoicing and payments
  4. FT roll out
    1. Create new wiki space, archive last year’s WG pages 
      RG to action (tick)
    2. Announce our existence to the community
      This can be done during the Virtual Partner Meeting on 27/28 April. JD will add it to his report.

  5. Date of next meeting  
    Tuesday 5th 19th May 8:00am PT, 11:00am ET, 4:00pm UK