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Joining a sprint or work cycle

All code contributors must have an Individual Contributor License Agreement (iCLA) on file with the Samvera Steering Group. If the contributor works for an institution, the institution must have a Corporate Contributor License Agreement (cCLA) on file. See Samvera Community Intellectual Property Licensing and Ownership for more information.

Sprints occur on a 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off cycle, regardless of calendar, holidays, or planned time off.
Use the #hyrax-wg channel on Slack to communicate with other HMWG members. You can check in Slack to find out when the next sprint is scheduled to begin.
During a 2 week sprint, daily stand-up occurs via Zoom at 1pm Eastern each weekday of the 2 week sprint (Monday-Friday). Zoom connection info is pinned in the #hyrax-wg Slack channel.
There is a project board in Github that tracks the issues for a sprint and/or work cycle. The current project board is also pinned in the #hyrax-wg Slack channel but should be identifiable by name at