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  1. Additions to the agenda

  2. Annual fundraising call - officially complete?
    1. See spreadsheet at
      Probably complete but there are some loose ends to tie up.  RG to contact BH about possible Ubiquity contribution (though that might have been given as sponsorship of Connect) and for feedback from those possibles BH had promised to contact.  RG to ask Chris Awre about York.

  3. Connect Sponsorship
    1. Anything to review as far as how the process worked and how things went with sponsors at Connect?
      RG to follow up with Notch8, Ubiquity and DCE on the 'value for money' question.
      Bag should better have had Samvera logo as well as EBSCO (Multiple logos was not an option with the product used.)
      RG has a draft report on the process to be completed when we have a financial statement from WashU.

  4. Fundraising WG Final report:
    1. Any feedback from Partners?
      No.  Considered complete.

  5. Investigation of private foundation funding opportunities
    1. Community overview document: See Appendix 3 starting on p. 13 of 
    2. Next steps
      HF will seek Tom Cramer's opinion on the document intended as an introduction to Sloan.  Who would be on a call with them, if and when?
      KC says we should be pushing the big foundations to better support OA.

  6. Any other business

  7. Future of this group
    KC wishes to step down. HF will stay.  JD to draft a new version of the Charet and seek new members.  Ongoing work includes seeking major external funding and managing next year's internal fundraising.

  8. Date of next meeting