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  1. Review and update Core Components list

  2. Deprecate relevant projects in the samvera GitHub organization to samvera-deprecated
  3. Ensure the projects in the Samvera GitHub organization meet the standards to be there as defined at
  4. Promote relevant projects from samvera-labs to the Samvera github organization if they meet the requirements (or make them meet the requirements if they should)
  5. Run a yearly dependency report against Partner repositories to help support deprecation, promotion, and prioritization.
  6. Identify 1 member from the group to represent them on the Samvera Roadmap CouncilRoadmaps Alignment Group

  7. Respond to any security alerts
  8. Review successes and failures of the group to review and renew charter.
    1. Provide a written report on the status of core components in regards to Ruby/Rails compatibility or any security/technical issues we've been able or unable to deal with. "2020 Technical Health Report"


Meeting Notes