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  1. Additions to the agenda

  2. Annual fundraising call 
    1. Status check
      1. See 2018 vs. 2019 comparison
        Green blocks are donations at or above the 'suggested' for the year.
    2. Currently $134.5k invoiced to this year's fundraising+$20k EBSCO = $154.5k
    3. Partners not invoiced/contributing (and none of them last year appear (E&OE) to have contributed to the general DuraSpace 'pot'):
      1. BPL
      2. Cornell
      3. CoSector
      4. DPLA
      5. DRI
      6. DuraSpace/Lyrasis
      7. Lafayette
      8. LSE
      9. Notch8
      10. Oregon State
      11. UC Santa Barbara
      12. U Oregon
      13. U Utah
      14. U York
      15. WUSTL
        Agreed we should contact at least some of these to ensure they had the chance to contribute:  Jon (Cornell, Lafayette, Utah, WUSTL (accepting their big contribution to Connect this year)), Richard (CoSector), Chris Awre (DRI, LSE, York), Hannah (Oregon State), Brian (UC Santa Barbara, Oregon).  Talk to Notch 8 (Rob Kaufmann) in person at Connect.

  3. Connect Sponsorship
    1. Information for potential sponsors:
    2. Status check
      1. EBSCO are offering platimun platinum sponsorship; DCE have taken bronze sponsorship (at the expense of a higher annual donation); waiting to hear from DLF/CLIR, Lyrasis,  Ubiquity will also sponsor.
    3. Contacting further potential sponsors:
      Who is dealing with Ubiquity?Ask Jessica for advice on the block Ansible → Cloud9.

  4. Follow-ups on Danielle Robinson discussion re. funders
    1. Status check - JD and RG to start drafting an approach to the Sloan Foundation - progress?
      A first draft exists.

  5. Final report to Partners (due 30 June...)
    Defer to October Partner meeting.

  6. Any other business

  7. Next call
    20 August 2019 - usual time slot.