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  1. Changes to the agenda?
  2. Local Host Updates Emily Stenberg
    1. Registration
      4 paid, 13 local interest (not counting Host Committee)
    2. Lodging (if any)
      Removed Knight Center because rooms aren't guaranteed until Sept. 13. Can re-add after that. Lodging map added.
    3. T-shirt - waiting for design and then will price out more.
    4. Sponsorship
      Submitted invoice to EBSCO our platinum sponsor.  Currently three possible bronze sponsors (one of them fairly certain). Fundraising WG actively seeking more.
    5. Other items?
      Mollie Webb is our new co-chair. Deb Ehrstein is on committee but had to step down as co-chair due to additional commitments elsewhere.
  3. Plenary Speaker update/discussion
    1. Emily Stenberg - Interest in Heidi Kolk. We can provide a small honorarium. Before we ask, do we definitely want a speaker?
      General consensus that this would potentially be a good idea but need to ensure her talk is relevant and engaging to a Connect audience.  Put together a guidance document before approaching.  ALL to contribute to this Google Doc by eob 2nd August.
  4. Update on status of CFP Presentations and Panels submissions Richard Green
    1. Next reminder for CFP
      Currently few submissions.  Make reminders about CfPs a weekly email starting tomorrow 7/25 (tick) (tick) (two-weekly for other matters).
    2. Closing date:  
      Extend to 18 August.
  5. Poster Session
    1. Poster printing available at WUSTL?
      1. Complimentary? 
        WashU can provide complimentary poster printing.  Deadline for submission to be October 16th.
      2. Process for submitting posters?
        Last year a google drive share was used.  Do the same this year - supports archiving to have access this way.
    2. CFP sent out lat year 8/19/2019
      Use a similar date this year.
  6. Open discussion
    1. Disclosures
      Need to inform speakers and poster producers that it is our intention to archive their conference materials in a public repository
    2. Lightning talks
      Launch CfP about six weeks out (early September) but with the opportunity to take reamaining, vacant presentation slots by sign-up at the conference.

  7. Next Steps
  8. Future Meetings: 
    1. August, 7 (absent: Emily)
    2. August, 21
    3. August, 28 RG to send iCAL (tick)(tick)
    4. September, 4 (absent: Brian) 
    5. September, 11 RG to send iCAL (tick)(tick)
    6. September, 18 (absent Richard)
    7. October, 2  (absent Richard)
    8. October, 16