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Latest Work from Hyrax WG and Community
  • Not a ton of new work to talk about - get an email out about status of the Valkyrie work.  Not much new about Valkyrie work.  Wrapped sprints that were running week before last.  Informal work that UC is heading up Monday the 22nd.  
  • Those sprints not scheduled to overlap with WG.  That work should occur rapidly - review isn't happening very rapidly. 
  • New Hyrax WG sprints started yesterday - focused on trying to get 3.0 release done.  Board with to-do's. 
  • An observably slow period for things not under a sprint.  Those not contributing regular resources - prd your folks to be involved.  Would be better if there was a larger swath of the community contributing
  • Gentle call to ask junior and incoming folks to contribute.  Reach out to Tom - understand that code review is something everyone can do, if you know some Ruby, that's something you can do
  • CJC - Chris can do codereview after tech calls, do one PR.  Open PR's 

Roadmap Council Updates

Hyrax-Valkyrie Updates

 Other Hyrax Work

  • Batch Roundtripping 
  • Permissions work
  • Analytics work

Succession Planning for PO/TL

  • letter
  • interest

no demonstrated interest as yet for the commitment of resources

could be this is an impossible ask.  Behave as if there's no PO replacement coming soon.  

Tom:  some mechanism for continual feedback on progress.  Committee not ideal.  Real problem - need people who understand the product and can advocate for it holding together.  Be able to look at features as the feature is being developed.  

Lately - has been happening with the working group, in principle, not a WG matter.  WG exists to do maintenance, but this comes up in day-to-day contributions.  

Will HyKu and Avalon PO's be available for meetings where decisions are needed?  Is it helpful if repo managers are chiming in - yes, regardless of PO status.

who will update steering and who will update partners - 

Rob will be conduit to the Steering and Partners.  

Can anyone be interim PO?   - day to day?  Involve this is about 20% FTE.  Involves - WG every two weeks, interim for planning purposes.  Fielding questions, I want to be Hyrax-type questions.  

Steve is taking a new position - effective very soonsteve

steve is leaving OSU at end of the month.  That puts us in a position where we need an interim plan.  

5th of August - Steve at new job.  Steve can jump on a call and help.  Available if needed for a month or month and a half...

steve.vantuyl at gmail.etc.